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Building the Trestle (picture intense)

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    That is fantastic. What an amazing piece of workmanship.


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        Your trestle bridge is one of the most impressive model rail road items I have ever seen - oh heck - it is the most impressive one!

        Very well done. I hope you have good termite protection!!!


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          Wonderful bridge! Now I want to build one too.

          Christopher [:-clown]
          Clowning around with trains.


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            Now that is the Extreme Ultimate Trestle. Super Modeling. :up: :up: :up:


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              Tremendous! Did the actual prototype have the main bents all one piece as well? Them was mighty tall trees used to construct it.

              Mind you, I'm not niting this at all, it's superb craftsmanship and an ambitious project.

              Interesting staining technique to essentially prime paint and then color - did you lose much of the grain? How many 'coats' of AI did it take to cover the white primer to that very pleasant wood tone?

              Beats hands down my trestle - got to tear it out and blast some rock and then only get close to a 30% replication of yours.

              Keep the project alive - more pictures as you continue to progress PLEASE.


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                Absolutely amazing I only wish I had room for a masterpiece like your tressle. How long did it take to put together.


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                  It probably looks better with the Kilz primer and staining the primer, than just A&Iing the wood at the beginning. It looks like the trestle in color picture. Generally the white primer doesn't fill the grain.

                  Great job



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                    Karl, some real impressive work. Could you tell me how you scenicked in the groundcover around all those bents? Also can you post a link to your tree tutorial? Thanks Pat


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                      Cannot describe my reaction, but thanks for posting the photos of your bridge..

                      Simply amazing, awesome piece of art....

                      If don't mind, I would like to post a link to this thread via my web site.....

                      thanks mate......

                      Mario ( Australia )
                      " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                        As I see it Karl you only have one problem, but it is a big one - How are you going to top that?

                        More pictures please. Fantastic work.


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                          An amazing piece of craftmanship to say the least. Congratulations on such a fine piece.


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                            Thanks very much everybody, to answer a few questions :

                            Bruce I used elmers wood glue

                            Ed , yes the original was made from one piece TALL tree legs, until these enormous trees were protected. I took two coats of A&I over the white, it actually only took one to cover , but I wanted it darker.

                            Lynn I currently have around 50hrs in the trestle and 5 in the base.

                            Pat , I havent scenicked the base yet, its just plastercloth over a cardboard webbing, the trestle isnt (and wont be) attached so I just lift it off when Im working on the base. Scenicking is now my next step. I'm actually using a different technique for trees on this project, I have done about 4 other tree tutorials on different methods which one did you want a link to?

                            Barry, I'm going to rebuild it in large scale for the garden ..... seriously though the trestle will lead to my sierra west twin mills,and other sierra west kits and the logging area on my layout, they should compliment each other perfectly and make a really good scene.

                            Thanks again



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                              WOW.. nothing more I can say.. other than a great job.



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                                ....this is truly the most incredible wooden structure I've ever seen.

                                Ken Hamilton