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Sunday Morning Already.

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  • Sunday Morning Already.

    Good Morning All!

    For breakfast we are having eggs to order, baloney gravy,biscuits and coffee.

    Not much to report from the land of Buckeyes except its another day closer to Spring.

    Went out this morning for breakfast(I had ham steak,eggs,and cat head biscuits with jelly-$3.99 including coffee) and manage to see 2 NS trains on the trip there and back and I also drove by the T&OC station and it looked so inviting to stop awhile but,I continued on home way to cold for that happiness...

    I went with my Brother-in-law yesterday and watch him spend money on 15 used Athearn cars,7 used Walthers coil cars and 3 use Atlas S2 switchers. At least he knows quailty.. The oddest thing about this equipment is they are equipped with X2F couplers.[:0]

    We are planing on building a HO layout in his basement.He also models N Scale but,me thinks he will sell the N Scale.

    Well I shall have a cup and look over the forum..

    Have a great day all..

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    Good morning, Larry, and anyone else that wanders in. That breakfast sounds like a bargain, Larry.

    Well, I've been painting detail items and making up a bunch of Details West switch stands for the push to finish with the scenery in my yard area. Included in that push will be installing the background building that I just finished.

    Looking back on the week, I accomplished quite a bit. I finished the background building, weathered/upgraded a few more pieces of rolling stock, and began the scenery work in the yard. Now, if I can just keep up the momentum!

    It looks like we will be having a few days of light snow coming up, so I better go replenish the stock of wood that is up by the house.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.


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      Good Morning Larry & Bruce & anyone else who happens by,

      It's not that bad here, weatherwise. We've been hangin' in the 50's, but this morning, I heard the weatherman say that a second wave of Winter is on its way.

      Lessee, . .I couldn't sleep here, so I moved into the computer room at 5 AM to run all the updates and protection programs. Then it was on to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. So here's a plate or two of Maple Leaf bacon and Krusteaz pancakes to complement the lounge counter.

      Not much on the agenda for today 'cept church and taxes. That's an interesting combination. We are still in the gathering documents stage; next year we've got to get organized. :erm:

      On the modeling front, my work desk has been completely cleaned off and I spent some time working on an Alco 630 the night before last. It is a Tyco unit which is being transformed from an Illinois Central Gulfid="orange">id="size3">id="Times New Roman"> into a Norfolk & Westernid="black">id="size3">id="Times New Roman">.

      That's about it for this morning; I will check in with ya this afternoon.


      Originally posted by brakie

      <font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color="blue">Allen</font id="blue"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size4"> []<br /><br><b><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="3"><i>Modeling the East in the West on the <font color="green">Northeastern</font id="green"> <font color="blue">Pacific RIM</font id="blue">, <font color="green">Oregon</font id="green">, that is!</i></font id="size3"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></b>


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        Good morning Larry,Bruce and Allen. Thanks for the eggs Larry. Thw weather here on the Cape is pretty descent today. This afternoon, I have a shoot, then some modeling tonite. Looking forward to the Daytona 500 next Sunday.Take care.


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          Good morning, guys.

          Well, we're finally above freezing here in the Ozarks. It's only the second time in the last 30 days that we have been above 32. [:-bigeyes2] But it's not going to last long. Winter Storm Watches begin tomorrow with rain, freezing rain, and all the usual white stuff, and then we're heading back into the deep freeze for the rest of the week.

          On the modeling front, I got the lumber shed roofs for Saez Sash & Door done yesterday afternoon. I like the looks much better now that they're corrugated metal instead of the shingles I had originally put on.

          We're making the long drive back north to KC after we get something to eat. I guess I'd better get started packing a few things. Have a good day, all.


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            Good afternoon crew. It looks like I missed breakfast. In fact I just finished lunch, which was a cold schnitzel sandwich. We went to a German restaurant last night and my wife had a large schnitzel and took half of it home in a doggie bag.

            Allen, I wish you hadn't mentioned the "T" word. I need to get started on mine too, but I keep finding reasons to put it off. Any body out there have their act together and have their taxes finished?

            I've been messing with my building, redoing one section because the first try ended up being too small. I spent too much time changing the drawings. I need to start making my drawings in layers to save time when I make changes.

            Have a good day.

            With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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              Still cold in Michigan, but at 23 it is a bit higher than it has been.

              [:x] is off to re-arrange her antique store booth and I am headed to the basement for some rare weekend modeling. Tax appointment Monday and Dentist Tues will cut into my regular time.

              Not much else new here for now. Gotta run.

              Everyone have a great day!

              BE SAFE!
              Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

              Cedar Swamp
              SW of Manistique, MI

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