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Hello Everyone I'm back for a limited engagement!

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  • Hello Everyone I'm back for a limited engagement!

    Hi All, I have been away for a while, I'v been busy with three projects for customers and two for me plus work on the club layout.[:-spin][:-spin][:-spin][:-spin]

    I have decided that since I have been able to get smaller 4 axle engines to run on my home layout with little to non of the problems I have with the big ones, and sinse I have kinda fallen in luv with F units, I have bought 24 Stewart/Kato's, I have two F7 sets already, those of you that know my work have seen them, I have a ABA set of BN green and black's with the hocky stick that I use to pull my 1970-71 BN "Empire Builder" and I also have a ABBA set that I made the 1953 Santa Fe "Super Chief" out of.

    Well I have Started a Set F3 ABBA set to make the late 40's early 50's "Super Chief".

    I intend on making three ABBA F7 sets two of which will have ATSF's blue/whiskers scheme, one that will have ATSF's Blue "Warbonnet", then I will paint one F7b with the BN hockey stick for the Empire Builder and then three sets of ABBA's in just the plain BN green/black.

    I also have got a new set of the ATSF "Valley Flyer" and although I have 7 PRR heavey weights that all need work just to run, that I was going to help the wife build that I would use a 4-8-2 I have to pull them, But That project is now going to be for the Valley Flyer.

    And then there's my other little project, in the first half of January I was basically Car Poor, so I have decided to model a few covered hoppers and by a few I am talking about 73 of them and I have some more on order from Athearn that are to be released in May and the plan is for 100 covered hoppers then I'll move to something else.

    Then if thats not enough I am doing a "Big Boy" for one customer then I have a order for a MILW F7 ABBA set that I need to paint assemble and detail.

    So with that I'll talk to ya later.

    Mike J

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    Mike, it sure sounds like you have a full plate!


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      Mike, it sounds like your railroad has made some major acquisitions! I hope the stockholders have approved it.

      With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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        Mike, . .You must be expectin' a long cold Winter there. That's what it would take for me to get through all of those projects. Please be sure to post some pictures along the way! Thanks.


        Originally posted by Dreamweaver

        <font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color="blue">Allen</font id="blue"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size4"> []<br /><br><b><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="3"><i>Modeling the East in the West on the <font color="green">Northeastern</font id="green"> <font color="blue">Pacific RIM</font id="blue">, <font color="green">Oregon</font id="green">, that is!</i></font id="size3"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></b>


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          Wow, you'll be a busy boy. Make sure and keep us updated on your progress!

          D&B Lumber Co.

          "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"


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            Gee, Mike, you are ambitious! I used to dislike the early 70's BN stuff, because that signified the end of my favorite (at the time) prototype railroad, the SP&S, but over the years I've come to like early BN stuff. My layout is set in the early 70s, in Washington State, with a connection to the BN, so I can run BN locos in pre-merger paint schemes, just re-numbered. That would include early Amtrak stuff in a variety of paint schemes, too, whatever caught my fancy. I said "would", because on my old layout, I had more space and was planning to do just that. On this layout, I have less space, so I eliminated the Amtrak trains. But I'm still looking forward, very much, to seeing your BN "hocky stick" passenger train!


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              Wow, Mike. Some pretty exciting times over at your household. Can't wait to see these latest acquisitions running on the layout!
              Mike Hamer

              Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                Thanks Guy's,

                George put it this way, two of the stockholders, the ones that have been here for 6 and 8 yrs, are SILENT PARTNERS and have VERY limited voting rights, and the major stock holder, well lets say I hope she is ok with it specially sinse alot of the capital comes from her monthly bonus....

                Marriann has been busy for the last little while as well, she has been making a corn field for the club layout, were (me and marriann can't get no one else in the club to do anythinf...) redoing a lot of the layout and are working on a farm scene right now.

                In this picture the area at the bottom right side where all the real UGLY trees are inside the fince is were the corn will go. The corn She's using one box covers about 40 square inches and has 400 stalks and she has used 9 boxes.

                I'll post pictures as we go.

                AL, I have the BN hocky sticks done and running already I will just be adding another B-unit.

                Here is a link to them:


                and the cars:


                Mike H, Ya me too, and the good part of that is that after haveing track laid for two years now and just never buying a control system, I decided that I'll take the loan re-payment I got from Uncle Sam (wow I actually got some money back this year[^]) to buy (I might add in my typical "spend as much or more than really needed" fasion I have ordered, and am patiently waiting for my Digitrax 8amp radio equiped Super Chief) over kill for the layout I have right now but in a few years when we buy a house and I turn the ENTIRE basement into a little RR world with hundreds with an "S" feet of track the 8 amp probably won't be enough.

                I forgot to mention in the original post that we drove down to the Greenburgs show in Council Bluffs, Ia on the 3rd and I was a little bit disappointed cause it was not what I expected[:-boring][:-boring][:-boring][:-boring][:-boring][:-boring][:-boring][:-boring][:-brokenheart][:-brokenheart], basically it was identicle to the Swap Meet our club holds every November. In fact there were 4 venders there that were not at our event and only 3 layouts that don't come to our event.

                And we talked to them and they will be at our swap meet this year because we will be holding it in a bigger building.

                However that did not stop me from spending more of the wifes money though I did control myself I just bought 8 covered hoppers for $56.00.

                The fun part, (although COLD part as it was -14 plus a windchill of -20 that day, was that we went to see the UP Big Boy and DDA40X in Omaha, NE

                Holy S[:-censored][:-censored]t those are some big engines.


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                  Mike, thanks for posting those links! I enjoyed seeing your progress on the F units and also the passenger cars. That is one handsome passenger train. Neat interior detail, too!


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                    Well that's nice half of my previous post decided not to show up.....

                    Any way sinse I can't remember all I wrote,

                    George, as for the stockholders two of them are "Silent Partners" that have only been with the company for 6 and 8 yrs. so they have very little imput.

                    The "Major Partner" apparently does not mind (good thing because I use a lot of her Bonus's from work for "Operating Capital").

                    We went to the Greenburgs show in Council Bluffs,IA friday (3rd) and I was really dissapointed it was not what i expected at all.


                    My club holds what we call "Trains at Christmas Swap Meet" every Nov. and the with the exception of 4 venders and 3 layouts the Greenburg show had all the same venders and layouts, and the 4 venders and 3 layouts that we don't get agreed to come to this years show sinse we will be holding it in a bigger building.

                    I behaved my self though and only bought 8 covered hoppers for $56 of the wifes money. which is pretty good for me because I had $400 in my pocket.

                    We the trip was not a total loss because we went over to Omaha, NE and saw the UP Big Boy and the DDA40X there.

                    The day could not be more beutifl,there was not a cloud in the clear blue sky, OF course it was -14 with a wind chill of -20 but other than that PERFECT DAY [:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold][:-cold]

                    Mike J


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                      Twenty four Stewart F units! Holy F unit batman!