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  • Saturday Up and at'm

    Good Morning Crew [:-bigmouth]Up and at'm Snow is a falling[:-cold] :crazy: and back to shovel that s[:-censored]now. Coffee is brewed and there is fruit and muffins[:-drool] on the table dig in! Today's agenda grandsons[:-shake] ornery[:-mischievous] little tykes. 5,2 & 10 months. Mrr I can only hope layout tour is closing in fast. At 4bells Train show committee meeting my part is almost done[:-jump2]. I have some new micro plugs to connect the tender to the Porter(0n30)I need to paint the new frame and solder in the new connectors so I can see if it will then pull a load up a 4% grade. Well crew check in with a good word and not like me with the 4 letter S[:-cold] word! have a good'n :up: BH~id="Comic Sans MS">

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    Good morning, Bob and anyone else who wanders in here.

    Bob, the snow you're getting is supposed to move into the KC area this afternoon. The local weather weenies are saying we'll get about 6"-8", although some have said it will be more like 3-6. Anyway, the forecast was enough to keep us from driving down to the Lake for the weekend. [:-irked]

    With all the recent talk about Sierra West's "Twin Mills" kit and the construction thread having been revived, I just had to get mine back down from the shelf last evening. It's been a long while since I last opened the box and had a looksee. Just seeing all of those packages of stripwood and smelling the resin got me fired up again. I only wish I had the benchwork up so I could get started building the kit. It's way too large to build as a stand-alone diorama, and I don't know where I'd put it if I did build it that way. So the box will go back on the shelf until....

    Well, I think I'll have another cuppa and take a look at a few more topics. Then it will be time to take care of a few chores. Have a good day, everyone.


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      Good Mornig Bob..Good morning all!

      Not much to report from the land of Buckeyes except there are 60 days left till Spring![:-bouncy] Needless to say I can't wait.

      It seems to be last Saturday was yesterday my how the days fly by when you are retired..I suspect the days don't know you are not on hoilday and not going back to work.So IMHO the days could slow down like they use to during a work week.Another Saturday finds a busy NS.

      I shall have a cup and look over the forum.

      Have a nice day all!


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        Good morning from the Jersey Highlands where the winds are currently howling out of the northwest. That seems like a good excuse to stay indoors and get to some modeling--unless, of course, I decide to visit my LHS.

        I spent some time yesterday working on another piece of rolling stock that has been on the layout. I am trying to upgrade them to my 'minimum standards' before I break any new ones out of their boxes.

        Well, time for my mid-morning coffee, then back at it.

        Have a great day.


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          Good morning crew. It's a sunny day here on the Chesapeake and it's going to be in the 40's. The weather guy is talking about snow tomorrow. I think he's saying that to get people to continue to watch the TV. If we get any it ain't gonna stick.

          Bob, you're going to be tired after trying to keep up with those three grandsons. We have a five year old granddaughter and she doesn't know how to slow down.

          I've got a cold bug. I feel OK, but sound terrible. I'm using it as an excuse to do some MRRing rather than work on the "honey do" list today.

          Have a good day.

          With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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            Morning crew and thanks for opening up Bob. Maybe just one muffin and Coffee....mmmm.

            I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to get up and work on signals. Thinking of course that would put me back to sleep. Well around 4:30 I finished testing on a bunch of circuit boards that were built up earlier. The smell of sloder at 4:00 in the morning is not to bad. I have a few task to get done then its back to the signal chain gang.

            BTW...I don't have all my signal bridge built yet but the ones I do are all painted up and look pretty good. Last evening I painted the bridge mast and I am getting excited about installing them onto the signal bridges. ...WEll..uh..uh...I noticed last night that the paint on the bridge mast do not match the signal bridge. :erm: Aluminum versus stainless steel. :erm: :erm: Now what to do?

            Have a great day everyone, and Mike C. after you get the castings painted for John and I. Then go to work on that kit. Wait....Mike I am looking forwad to seeing that Main Street building completed, maybe, just maybe that could fit on your bench. Mike You there??


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              Good luck Bruce in not opening another kit first. What fun is that!


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                Good Morning - It a cold and windy day here in Maryland. Not a lot of modeling today - I just got back from dropping my son of for his Lego First Robotics team competition. Since none of the other parents were hanging around he said I should probably go - wouldn't want to "cramp his style an all" - I do get to come back for the competition part around 1:00.

                Sigh, I'm starting to see signs of teenager-itus At least he still likes to work on the rail road.

                I have also received orders to finish taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations.

                Have a great day everyone


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                  Good morning everyone, cold and windy here in Bar Harbor today but no snow forecast, just ice on some roads. Good day to go down to shop and do some modeling (any day is good for that).


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                    Good morning everyone, was still up last night at 12pm working on the layout finish work on soldering and wire, also installed another Blue Point machine , went in so slick did'nt even need to adjust it from the lowest setting. Was feeling great so decided a hot cup of coffee would be good and it was, tasted great sept then I could'nt get to sleep.

                    Thats ok though these are the nights I get all the little things I put off during the week done. Today it is sunny and warm here on the coast for a change and I plan on enjoying it. Starting to feel like a mole here been inside so long.....Have a good one. Jerry


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                      Blue sky day in Ottawa and cold... I am off to Pete Nesbitt's to do some backdrop painting 10 ft to go
                      Chris Lyon



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                        Originally posted by trussman

                        ... and Mike C. after you get the castings painted for John and I. Then go to work on that kit. Wait....Mike I am looking forwad to seeing that Main Street building completed, maybe, just maybe that could fit on your bench. Mike You there??

                        Uhhhhh..... yeah, Tim.... right.....


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                          Howdy all Man the WW's said 3" to 6"were past 6" working on [:-bigeyes2] 12" of the white stuff. pretty much finished the tender just a few bugs to work out "weight & draw bar". Tonight's train show committee meeting was called off due to the weather That gives even more Mrr time. George, your right a 5 year old a 2 year old and a 10 month old can run my battery's down quicker then ever! gotta love'm!Better git.Take it easy 8D :up: id="Comic Sans MS">