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Big Model Railroad Show, West Springfield - 2007

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  • Big Model Railroad Show, West Springfield - 2007

    Well the ramp-up to the Big Model Railroad Show in West Springfield has started and regrettably I will not be there this year because I'm headed out west for a few weeks but I though that I might vicariously enjoy it via a couple of plugs.

    As a craftsman kit builder I appreciate good kits and decided awhile ago that my rolling stock should match the quality of the structures surrounding them. So for those of you interested in expanding your craftsmanship and are stepping out to the Big Show next weekend here's two of my "must see" picks.

    First off, stop by the Funaro and Camerlengo tables. They will be in the Better Living Center section 13F & 13G. F&C always has some sort of show special. You can get tips on building these fine resin kits and probably a deal.

    The other plug would be to make sure to stop by and visit Ted Culotta. If any of you read Railroad Model Craftsman you know of the Essential Freight Cars series which started in April 2003. It is written by Ted and he owns a little company: Speedwitch Media. Speedwitch not only has some excellent books (all the current buzz is that the $60 "Postwar Freight Car Fleet" publication is a must have). He also produces a limited number of very fine kits. I've got a couple and they are absolutely gorgeous.

    So folks there's a couple of places you can visit in addition to all of our friends.

    --Rich B.

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    Rich, I'm not sure that I'm heading up this year either. I'm just a bit 'road weary' at the moment.

    However, I will add a few booths that I never miss: Tichy is usually there with a number of show specials, and I stock up on my year's supply of stripwood and sheetwood at the Northeastern booth.


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      Hi folks,

      As always, Bob Van Gelder and I will bet at the South River Modelworks' booth located smack dab in the center of the Better Living Center. Our booth is alongside Dave Frary and Blue Ribbon Models. Please stop by and say "Hey!"



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        Yeah...I won't be there myself, either...need to be conservative with my $$$ for a bit. Another good booth to visit for rolling stock kit builders is the Funaro & Camerlengo booth. They always have a 'two fer' deal going and a good selection of discounted kits in poly bags. I have more than enough kits to keep my going...I was going to get tools and some Sunshine Models kits...but, hey. There's always next year!


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          Hoepfully, Frank B and myself will drive up for a few hours. depends on the weather and these tired old bones.



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            I'm going to miss Springfield this year, but it looks pretty good for Timonium, which is the next weekend. Take pictures guys.

            With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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              Went last year and felt it was the best train show I have ever been to. Will not be able to attend this year though. One of the booths to visit would be Artie's Bar Mills, along with his offerings, he had N Scale Architect items also in scales other than N. Real nice stuff.


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                I'm heading up Wednesday after work and will attend Scott's layout tours on Thursday and Friday and then attend the show on Saturday.

                Don't know if anyone has checked the forecast for next week, but here it is:

                Wednesday Jan 24 Clear Hi: 30° Lo: 15° Slight chance of light snow showers. 20%

                Thursday Jan 25 Snow Showers Hi: 27° Lo: 16° Slight chance of light snow. 20%

                Friday Jan 26 Snow Hi: 26° Lo: 11° Cloudy with snow showers. 85%

                Saturday Jan 27 Scattered Flurries Hi: 14° Lo: 2° Partly cloudy skies. 80%

                Looks like it's going to be real cold and white. But it's not going to deter me. Bundle up and drive carefully.
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                  Well, from the look of things, not many from the forum will be going this year.[:-cry][V][:-indifferent][:-ouch]


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                    I'll be there - and I'm coming from the UK. I'm doing "the" tour as well so also hoping for reasonable weather.

                    See you in Springfield...



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                      I will be there on saturday and am looking forward to meeting whatever forum members I can. I will be stopping by Scotts booth numerous times during the day. Hopefully I get a chance to meet some of you.



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                        I'll be there and be on the tour on Friday, can't make it there until later on thursday. Are we setting a time to meet at Arts this year? Pat


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                          Originally posted by belg

                          Are we setting a time to meet at Arts this year? Pat

                          Pat, I suggested that in another thread and nobody replied. Maybe you'll have better luck.
                          Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                          FaceBook link:


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                            I'm not going to make it, this year. I just returned home after 2 weeks away on business. I will be traveling on business, again, on that Sunday for another week. Like Bruce, I'm traveled out and just don't feel up to going. Hard to believe.



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                              Are we setting a time to meet at Arts this year? Pat

                              Pat, I suggested that in another thread and nobody replied. Maybe you'll have better luck.Rick

                              I will be there and I'm hoping to meet quite a few either at Arty's or Scott Mason's booth. I'll have my Name Tag(K4PACIFIC)on my RR hat. If you see it, please say hello. Maybe others will wear a name tag???