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  • Friday night

    ...and a good evening RR-Line Crew. It looks as though the weather is going to have quite an inpact on most of us. I think that I'm going to get some quality time on the workbench tomorrow as most of the honey-do's are completed

    I made some more coffee and have laid out some munchies and in keeping with the general theme of winter weather I thought I'de do a little exercise in composition. I hope you enjoy it.

    WINTER NIGHTid="size4">id="blue">

    It's quiet now along the line except for the wind gusts, which are expected to increase throughout the night. There's a bright moon out but you can tell it's a 'winter moon' by the blueness and the stars are sparkling like diamonds and just like diamonds they look cold and hard. The lamps on the turnouts have been lit and even their light seems cold. The sharp, northeast wind seems to cut right through clothing and chill even the soul. The switcher in the shed is sighing as though it's haunted (the fire is banked for the night) and the flickering fire in the box casts weird shadows on the shed walls. It's as if the whole world were watching, and waiting for something.
    I've been on the wire with the guys in the upper valley and they are waiting for the snow to start flying (as the weather weenies have promised) They have been working all evening getting things ready, just in case. Around here, you never know. The day started out cloudy after the sleet and freezing rain and snow from last night. The sun finally showed through around 10 AM but the wind kept things from warming up. Clouds are now moving in and their appearance does not bode well for man nor beast this night. It could be nothing or we could have a full-blown blizzard and as the hair on the back of my neck is up, I think it will be the latter.

    The place is as ready as it can be; the porch is lined with some good, dry, oak splits for the stove to keep the crew warm, there is lots of good food in the larder and there are three or four large cans of coffee in the storeroom.

    In a while I will take the teakettle down to the water tank and top her off, back her into the shed and re-bank the fire. C'mon Old Man Winter, do your damndest. We're ready for you.

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    Ev'nin' JR and crew. It's about time for me clock off. JR, after reading your description of the cold night, I'm going to grab an extra blanket and head to bed.

    Catch y'all in the morning.

    With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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      JR, an enjoyable read, as always.

      As luck would have it, the wind has picked up here in the Jersey Highlands, and we are in for a few cold, windy days. I do have a fire in the fireplace that is dying down now, and it is time to crawl under the comforter. See you in the morning.


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        I guess everyones turning in, me too in a bit had a late night in the trainroom, installed a Blue Point machine I just got from MM been waiting for. Finished the install in about 10 minutes these things go in easier than any machine I have ever worked on. Finished a little wire work I had left and cleaned the place up. This dcc is great, but it still requires a bit of wire for sure but so much easier than dc..don't think I'll ever turn back..See everyone tomorrow.


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          Evening folks, not a cold here in the northwest anymore - but reading JR's story chills me deeply. Funny you should mention the Blue Point machines, Jerry, because the owner of the company (New Rail Models) was over this evening as the Tabooma Gang met and had our usual Friday evening fun. I'll mention to him your positive comments.


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            Well, it is 1 a.m. on the West Coast. I think it is time to go to bed. It has warmed up here but now we are getting a ton of rain. I don't know which I would rather have.



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              Please do Al, they are very helpful and concerned about their customers a real treat these days...


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                Jerry, I forwarded this thread to John (he is a member of the Forum) - I'm sure he'll appreciate your endorsement. I've seen those Blue Point machines in the LHS and sure wish they had been available way back when I built my first layout - I probably bought 50 or so of those Tortoise machines, and re-used them on the current layout. But I sure like the Blue Point concept - less expensive, no wiring to speak of, and you get the "hands on" approach to throwing turnouts. Well, maybe for my next layout....