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  • Posting #'s and "titles"


    I received an email this morning asking about the posting cutoff numbers for each "status level" (aka "titles") used on RR-L. So I decided to post the numbers here with a bit of explanation about how/why the titles are assigned.

    New Hire: 0-49 posts, no stars

    Section Hand: 50-99 posts, 1 green star

    Engine Wiper: 100-499 posts, 2 light blue/turquoise stars

    Crew Chief: 500-999 posts, 3 blue stars

    Fireman: 1000-2999 posts, 4 purple stars

    Engineer: 3000+ posts, 5 dark gold stars

    Why just 6 categories? Because that's the number set by the forum software and we are limited to that.

    Why those titles? Because they're "railroady"... and it's just for fun anyway.

    Why those cutoff points? Because we assigned them arbitrarily a long time ago. We're more interested in high quality posts and topics than we are in high posting numbers and the silliness that can result from over-emphasizing post counts.

    And that's pretty much all there is to it.