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Locomotive 315, newbie, a little help please

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  • Locomotive 315, newbie, a little help please

    Morning everyone! Well I’m finally starting. I keep telling myself I want to build my garden railroad and I figure the best way to start is to start! I finally pulled out my undecorated Bachmann C-19 and I have decided to attempt to make for myself a Denver & Rio Grande Western 315. I have written several of you on the forum here, thank you so much for your words of help and replies back. If you guys notice the book in the back was the one I got from the Durango Railroad Historical Society on locomotive 315. What a great book to have for this project! Well let’s get going.

    Last night I started taking apart the cab and I removed the windows, they are all red and I wanted to paint them black. Upon removing the windows I found it’s going to be a little more difficult then I thought to paint them black. I wanted to ask if I could get some help with stripping the red off and what color of back to use to match up with the Bachmann black that’s already on the locomotive. Also I wanted to paint the insides to the correct green. What color should I go with for this? Here’s some pics to get things started. Thank you ahead of time for your help.

    Download Attachment: 89466FAF-530C-4A82-9EA8-94876AEB3C5B.jpeg
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    The lighting isn't ideal for color match, but I'd start with a "Locomotive Black" or "Glossy Black". There are different ways of stripping paint off plastic; I don't know which work best on Bachmann products, or even if all Bachmann products use the same combination of plastic and paint formulation.


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      Thanks for the words back jbvd! Yeah those pics were a little hard to see, I was gonna go down to the local home improvement store in a bit and see if they have something to use to get the red out. I’ll try to use more lighting when I post up the next pics hopefully in the next couple of days.


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        If I remember rightly, I used krypton semi-flat black to match the paint on my Bachmann Loco.
        Kevin Miller

        Winlock, WA


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          Perfect! Thanks for letting me know, NVNGRR! I’ll pick some of this up later today when I go to the hardware store.


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            PM sent.

            Take the red pill


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              Are you sure the red is painted on and not that the plastic is dyed that color?


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                Im thinking it’s a combination of both. I was going to start soaking the parts in a cleaning solution when I get home. I had several people message me with tips and hints to try out. After trying out some of their methods I’ll post up pictures and results. I’m new to all of his but I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.