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  • Andrew's Modelling and Layout Design Websites

    Hey all;

    Been a long while since I've visited, but aiming to change that.

    I moved all my modelling information and related how-tos from the "Andrew's Trains" website to my personal website in early 2020.

    You can visit the modelling pages here:

    And the "Andrew's Trains" (layout design website) is till here:

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    A lot of typing on your websites, makes it a little hard to follow where it leads to. You have quite a few interests, narrowing the scope would be very helpful to an 'old coot' like me. Overall, I could probably spend half a day going down the different rabbit holes.

    Welcome back to the Forums.

    Jim in Indiana
    Take the red pill


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      I checked it out and like what I see. I read a few of your blog entries and they resonate with much of my approach to layout building and operating. I'll stop by more in the future.


      Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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        Hello, this vlog is great, I will definitely watch it because it is about what I like to watch, thank you that at last there is a normal vblog I will watch it and watch it, you could record an interesting topic on some topic


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          Hello everybody! As a beginner, I liked your blog. I read and gain knowledge. Thanks!