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crankpin screw?

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  • crankpin screw?

    Hi all -- In search of a crankpin screw for a HO Precision Scale Co brass C&O K4 locomotive, 1.4mm thread 4mm long, slotted. The original is forever deeply imbedded somewhere in my carpet. Attached photo is the one from the linkage on the opposite side. Thanks for any leads. -- BobR.

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    I don't know if this is it, but it is the only crankpin I found. The size is off from what you posted. And does not have the slotted head. Precision Scale #131 Crank Pin Screws, Small Head, 4.2" x 1.8mm. Four in a pack $6.75.

    Take a look over this catalog and see if your screw is shown;

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      Bob, if that screw is steel, "don't give up the ship!" A couple of neodymiun magnets dragged slowly, even across a shag carpet will find all kinds of 'noseeme' parts and pieces. The magnet pair from an old harddrive are extremely powerful, but the eBay magnets will work. A couple of them tethered in a plastic bag will let you selectively see what hopped along for the ride. GOOD LUCK!

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        Jim's right, finding the original with a magnet would be fastest and likely cheapest. But if there's a live steam or model engine community in your area, you might find a hobby machinist who could make another screw.


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          Happy Ending! Just an update on this that a fellow I found through the "Repower and Regear" IO group machined a couple of these for me from my schematic and got them perfect. I cannot thank him enough -- BobR