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O Scale - Fuel Stand

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    Finally caught up for now!

    This is a mock-up I took last night with the wood frame on the concrete base with the old platform and tanks on that.

    I will be carefully removing the tanks from the old platform. It came to me looking at this .. this morning .. that I need to cut the stringers for the tank supports to length and install the tanks to them as a sub-assembly before attaching to the bents. The tanks have little wire (pin) feet that fit into holes in the stringers. I can remember doing the original model and how frustrating it was to try and align up pre-drilled holes in the stripwood with little wiggly pins .. with one eye closed and using foul language.

    This concrete base is re-purposed from some older structure .. I need to add old brackets and pipes and such to show that. The top of the stairs need to turn left. I have an idea how that might have been done .. pre OSHA you understand. The left over bit of space will contain something like a pump, filter, combo, shack, bin ...


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      Good stuff! Giving me ideas for something to do with the spare tank car ends & domes....
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