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    Good morning crew, readers, and lurkers from raining and 55f N.E.Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Telegrapher blend this morning. The special is ham and eggs, grits, and toast. There are cold drinks in the cooler as the days get warmer. Salt tablet dispenser has been filled, but watch your salt intake. Smoothie machine is in 100% operational readiness.

    Yesterday I mowed the yard in anticipation of the next 2 days of rain. I also gathered some parts to work on the module over the next few days.

    Was on the phone for over an hour discussing an upcoming Zoom meeting, and me filling in for our clinician who will be recovering from rotator cuff surgery.

    Not much on today's agenda, what are you up to?

    Have a Super day!


    Take the red pill

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    Good morning Jim thanks for breakfast. It is 58 and off and on rain here in SE Ohio my layout is on hiatus for awhile not interested right now. Going under the knife Thursday to repair my hiatal hernia. I was told that about half my stomach is above my diaghram!!! not sure of spelling auto spell keeps putting in diagram

    I'll be down for about 8 wks.

    Hope everyone is doing well



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      Good morning folks

      It is a dark 60 going up to 69 and looks like it could rain at any moment. I need to cover the outdoor furniture on the front patio before it does. Radar shows rain in Lancaster County to the west and Kent County, DE to the south heading this way.

      After my running of trains on Friday I did not get much else done. Saturday, we ran some errands and moved a few things around the yard. Apparently, I pulled/strained a muscle in my chest and shoulder. I did find out until early Sunday morning when the pain woke me up. Took it easy yesterday. Helped the wife replant some bulbs. My daughter did the heavy lifting. I dug the holes without bending over. Today things feel better with only a small amount of pain left. Unfortunately no modeling got done.

      I have a few chores around the house this morning. I need to run to PetSmart to get some supplies. I also need to run to the grocery store, but I may put that off until tomorrow. There is the pond filter that needs cleaning, but the rain may prevent me from doing that.

      I hope to work on the cinder conveyor. I need to clean off the layout. Testing and running trains mean there are quite a few cars, locos, and boxes strewn across the layout. I also should get final photos of the challenge projects taken and posted.

      I hope everybody has a good day.


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        Good morning, Jim and crew. It looks like we're getting rain this afternoon, but I have indoor tasks, so no problem there. I have my new desktop to unbox and set up and I have track to paint. I'm not looking forward to either tasks. The track painting is taking more time than I had planned and isn't particularly fun.

        Good luck on your surgery, Mark.

        Have a good day.

        With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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          Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is 56 degrees and drizzling right now in S.E. Michigan. It looks like high temps in the mid-50's to low 60's and a chance of rain all week. At least that is the current forecast.

          Some cleaning up the various work areas in the basement and then getting back to suspended projects is the current plan.

          Have a great day!


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            Good morning, crew. It's temperatures in the fifties and rain today. Good thing I mowed the front lawn yesterday.

            Our daughter is visiting so I didn't get any railroad modeling done. We all walked yesterday and she helped me cut off a tree branch that was hanging over our garage.

            Today: who knows? Maybe some modeling.

            Have a great day everyone!


            Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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              Mark, by the time you get all these 'mods' done, we'll have to start calling you the "7 million dollar man". Good luck on the 'op session' Thursday!

              Take the red pill


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                Good morning everyone,

                It's still raining in North Central Wisconsin and a promise of more liquid gifts through out the day. It's good for my grass and newly reseeded spots I repaired earlier in the week. The established lawn has been treated with fertilizer, pre-emergent(crabgrass) inhibitor, and weed killer. "Better living through chemistry."

                I get to do something I thought I'd never be doing in model railroading. I have to send out copies of the June MR to family members that do not have access to that issue. Model Railroader published an article on my Ashland and Iron Mountain RR and now the family wants copies. My friend Dave Rickaby did the the photography and wrote the article as those skills are above my pay grade.

                Oh well, it's a once in a life time(for me) experience so I'll just roll with it.

                Mark B.


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                  Good deal on the MR article Mark.

                  Same weather here as Jim, same vacuous plans, too.

                  And once I get that done, I’ll hit backspace and watch it all go poof....
                  Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                  Cedar Swamp
                  SW of Manistique, MI

                  Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                    Good morning Crew. Jim thanks for opening, Iced cold water will taste great today.

                    MarkB. Congrats on the article in MR. you mentioned it to me last week and this evening I will get a copy at the LHS. Dave Rickaby has done some great photo shots over the years. It is amazing to me how many modeling friends he has all around Wisconsin.

                    Poof, goes another whole submission, sentence or paragraph. No clue why that happens so often on this forum but it’s worth the hassle to be able to read the build articles here!

                    Karl, when’s the next adventure north?

                    Yesterday’s trip to American Family Insurance Park, where the Milwaukee Brewers try to imitate a professional Baseball team was fun. The Dodgers score 5 in the top of the 1st including a grand slam, another 4 banger and then. a 3 run homer. They blew out the Brewers but we all had fun.

                    The grandson is here this morning and while I exercise in the pool he will be online. Then he will join me in the pool for some fun. His sister will be here at 11:30 for lunch and outdoor activities this afternoon.

                    Enjoy your day



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                      Good afternoon, all, best wishes for Mark (potsy), congratulations to Mark B. I got out the Gravely L-8 and 40" deck yesterday afternoon and did the lawn next to the house. Today, at Kanthima's behest, I've made some sidewalk and airbrushed it. Lunch done, now I do her roof from 180 High St. And then other roofs till I empty the nitrogen tank, then off to get another. The big news at Seashore is a Downeast Maine model RR will be moved to a new building on our property to preserve it. I didn't vote for the dominion of billionaires, but once in a while one does something I approve of.