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    Sent some time today working on the tower. Reworked the tank frame to fit. Did a lot of wok on the transformer platform. This *might* seem to be a waste of time but really it is not as I can generate scale plans from it.

    A closer look at the transformer platform. I added three high-voltage insulators. I also added access to the platform as sell as the aforementioned wire barrier.


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      Wow, I wish I was that far along on Sketchup. But I think I may change to Fusion. Nice design work!



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        Ed, I admire your creative talents in CAD and model building. Your work is inspiring!


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          Originally posted by Guff

          Ed, I admire your creative talents in CAD and model building. Your work is inspiring!

          Thanks! The point I was hoping to get across is how it is much better to make mistakes in the CAD drawing. If it is in 3d .. Sketchup, Fusion etc. you can find problems before actually cutting the stripwood etc.


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            The next thing I had to do was locate the floors/ceilings. This was mostly so I could locate the windows. While ordnances vary widely, 24" from the floor is very common if the window is six feet or greater from the ground .. has to do with children falling out the window. While my structure most likely pre-dates any such ordnances I will use that using the "Theory of Mediocrity".

            I may put in a simple floor/ceiling as a view block .. and if I do that I may put in lighting. Since I have the LEDs and wire I may just do that .. "just in case".

            In any case knowing where the floors/ceilings are allows me to know where to add things like ducting and pipes for the 'machinery' installed in the building. Note that I know those 45° supports for the exhaust shack would wiggle all over the place .. cross-bracing might work.


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              As I have stated in the past, one of the nice things about virtually modeling in Sketchup is the ability to print plans out to exact size. I took the Exhaust Shed and stripped off everything but the walls, floor and ceiling. I then unfolded the structure and added tabs and fold lines.

              It printed out nicely. The hard part is cutting on the lines. Sometimes I am more like a 4 year old with a crayon and a coloring book. *sigh*


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                Printed, cut, glued. Braced with 1/8" matchstick wood (bag at Hobby Lobby). Printed fans.


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                  Looks great Ed!