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Screws -and- Washers for track fastening

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  • Screws -and- Washers for track fastening

    I am wanting to secure the track in my helix with flat head wood screws through a flat washer into the wood. The head of the screw and washer combo sits below the trip pins of Kadee couplers. The screws go between the ties with the washer bearing on the ties thus holding the track in place but allowing a bit of adjustment. I have seen this method used on several layout build articles but for the life of me, I can't seem to find what size screw and washer was used. Can someone please furnish the screw and washer size for me as I am ordering nuts, washers and threaded rods in preparation of my helix build and want to include these screws and washers in my order. Thanks....John.


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    Well after a couple of hours of searching, I found this. Maybe this might be of use to others on the forum :

    Screw-down track....

    In a helix, it doesn’t matter how the track looks, because it isn’t a visible part of the layout. But since bulletproof operation is important, I wanted to be able to adjust the track during the construction process, so I opted for a slightly unusual system.

    I secured the flextrack to the plywood using no. 6 x 5/8#8243; flat head wood screws and no. 8 flat washers. The screw heads almost, but not completely, fit through the washers, so the screw head barely protrudes above the thickness of the washer.

    The combined height of the washer and screw head, when tightened gently against the plastic ties, isn’t enough to stick out above the railhead of code 83 track. Any locomotive pilot or coupler trip pin dragging severely enough to catch on these fasteners would already be causing trouble elsewhere on the layout.

    The washers are small enough to allow some side-to-side fine tuning of the track location by loosening the screws.

    Since the track wasn’t laid on cork, I wasn’t worried that the ties would compress into the roadbed and draw the rails too close together if the screws were snugged down a bit too much.

    I’ve used these screw-type fasteners with great success.