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  • Larry, looks good.
    I would suggest to plant the gas pump and oil reservoir in the ground so they don't look like they're floating above it.

    Preiser used to make O scale figures and Berkshire Valley too.
    I'm sure there are more that others can point out.


    • Thank you Rick and see your point on the gas pump and reservoir; easy fix.
      I'll check out those two places for little people also.


      • The Garage area is pretty much done so I thought I would share some
        photos of the progress:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_G24.jpg Views:	0 Size:	97.5 KB ID:	967575

        Rick had mentioned that these items needed to be more in the ground and not sitting on top. I touched up the area around
        them which does look much better. Now they look like they have been there for awhile.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_G25.jpg Views:	0 Size:	112.4 KB ID:	967577

        Here is the other side of the garage. Added some over growth against the backdrop
        and cut up some boards. These were given a coat of A&I to look old and neglected
        arranged in a pile. The oil drum with stand is from Berkshire Valley painted and weathered.
        Also I made sure some dirt went up against them.

        The tree is scratch built using florists wire twisted and shaped. Also added some roots to look
        like a big old tree. The wire was given four coats of latex allowing for drying in between coats.
        Then a coat of brown paint followed by diluted grey then a raw sienna wash applied over that.
        The foliage is dark green course turf held on with spray adhesive. Finally the top was resprayed
        and sprinkled with a lighter green fine turf. This was glued in place with more dirt added around
        the roots. This pretty much completes this area. About the only thing left for now is to detail
        the truck bed.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_G26.jpg Views:	0 Size:	88.3 KB ID:	967578

        Here is a close up of the same area. There is just enough stuff added so it doesn't look over
        crowded while still leaving access to the side door.

        Next up is to start working on the foreground down by the machine shop and moving to the
        left of the layout. I'll be working on the truck bed in between doing the foreground.

        That's it for now and any comments/suggestions are always appreciated. So until next time.
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        • That is some fine modeling and progress there Larry. That truck really adds to the overall theme, as with all your detailing and items used within your scenery. Great modeling!

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          • Louis thank you for your kind words, it helps to keep me moving forward.


            • Some nice detailing! Your little scenes are coming along nicely!

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              • The first three details look better sitting in the ground.
                I really like what you've done on the right with the random junk laying around.
                Going back to where the fuel pump is, I would add some some small details there.


                • Jerry thank you, much appreciated.

                  Rick thank you and thanks for pointing out that area to me.
                  Looking at the fuel area, I may add some weeds and such to
                  finish it off.


                  • Larry,

                    Fine job with the scenery, junk and tree. I especially like what you did with coloring the trunk of the tree.


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                    • Michael thank you. It's funny no matter how many trees I make no two
                      ever seem to come out the same; which not a bad thing I suppose.


                      • Looking Great Larry!


                        • Philip thank you; fun times.


                          • Just catching up with your updates Larry. Looking good. Nice to see this project still progressing.
                            I really like the truck. Really nice weathering, and the dusty look on it is excellent.
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                            Regards Rob

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                            My current build.



                            • Rob thank you for stopping by and your compliments. Although I can't take credit for the truck; that's the way it came to me.
                              Yes the layout is progressing nicely even with life getting in the way of late.


                              • Looking good Larry. Nice work. Persist! ~mike