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    Good morning all from 52f and clear N.E Indiana. The coffee urn has signaled READY with Conductor's blend this morning. The special is French toast and Canadian bacon. other beverages and the oatmeal pot, at the end of the line.

    weather yesterday was on and off showers, so that 'forced me' on to the bench. I actually got some work done down there! I've been suffering from analysis paralysis on the TT/roundhouse project. I've made it 'too big' for any practical purpose on my small layout. It's also too for a 2 X 4 or even a 2 X 6 module. So I think I'm going to downsize the roundhouse from 5 to 3 stalls. That will at least get it to fit on to a 24" narrow side dimension. It's not like demolishing an expensive kit roundhouse, as it's just a bunch of plastic that I put together, and can print up the parts that I hack off. It's my own fault for making the darn thing too big.

    So yesterday I got about 75% of an N-scale diner drawn, printed, and assembled. What will I do with it? Probably give it to one of my OP session friends that is an N-scaler. It was a good diversion, from the 'big problem'. :erm:

    Well, Bruce and Bonnie are probably halfway across Pennsylvania by now, I know he likes to get on the road early. Safe travels! It's still 40 minutes until sunrise here.

    Have a Super day!

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    Good morning, Jim. It’s a comfortable sunny 55F here in northern West Virginia. We expect low eighties later.

    I planted more seeds yesterday and did a little weeding. The garden is looking better partly because the plants are taller than the weeds.

    I’m off to the club shortly to help set up our modules for an open house. Then a walk on the rail trail and perhaps modeling.


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      Morning everyone

      Jim thanks for the coffee.

      Bruce have a safe trip!

      Everyone have a great day!!

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        Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is 48 degrees and sunny here in S.E. Michigan. Temps should reach just over 70 later today.

        Jim, normally you would be correct. However, for this trip we will leave right after lunch. First stop tonight will be the fine town of Canal Winchester, Ohio, just south of Columbus. Our initial destination is our oldest grandson and his family down in Christiansburg, VA. Since they are very involved with their church,, there is no reason to arrive there prior to late afternoon on Sunday, hence the late start today.

        From there we head north to eastern PA to visit Bonnie's Brother, then to North Jersey to see my sister and our oldest granddaughter, etc.

        Have a great day!


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          Morning crew. Starting out nice today. Rain tomorrow. Trip to the southern tier tomorrow. Wife's nephew is having get together plus I'm delivering the Buffalo Forge drill press of her other nephew. Pictures later.

          With the good weather the past few weeks modeling has come to a stand still.

          Enjoy the warmer weather.

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            Morning sun with clouds and rain by afternoon in MI.

            No plans, overdose on Jim's foreign breakfast, I suppose.

            Be well, all.
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              Good morning, Jim and crew. I just returned from a trip to Lowes to pick up some bags of mulch. We had a good rain storm come through last night, so we have standing water in the back yard, so no yard work today.

              Yesterday, I cut the grass for the first time this year. I don't have a self powered mower, so it took me close to 20 minutes to do the front and back. I love a wooded lot. I found the brass I needed to complete my cassettes, so I'll be wrapping that up today.

              Have a good day.

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                Good morning, all. Hazy sun outside and it's supposed to reach 70F on the NH seacoast today. Yesterday I was having a good day replacing and repairing traction bonds; My knees allow me to grind and weld at railhead height, or set up the CadWeld molds for that kind of bonds, nobody else on the crew can. And the practice has greatly improved my welding. But then instead of starting our Pettibone Speed Swing let a bunch of not-so-magic smoke out somewhere under the dash (less magic because the only 'chips' in that beast are the diodes in the alternator). We jumped the starter and got it back to the Shop, but the rest of the day was fruitless wire-chasing and part swapping.

                Can't return to the fray this weekend because of the NERx on-line event. So I'll model and watch while I stand by.


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                  Good morning from a pause in the rain Wisconsin. Rain returns around noon and will be again on/off drizzle. Can’t believe how green everything has gotten in the last few days.

                  Terry is home and no fancy candle light dinner. She wanted Walleye and that is what she got. Good to have her at home but she is already down at the stables.

                  The Tesla guy was here at 6 and gone by 7. The electricians are also gone and all is well. The Tesla tech will call and check in he said at 4. He enabled remote checking in and showed ME how to turn that feature on and off. It is on now until he calls. He will copy me in on his report.

                  I will walk down to the stables as I promised to ride with the family at 10:30. It’s a 5 minute walk so no rush.