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Gallery: April '21 "Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign"

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  • Gallery: April '21 "Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign"

    With a tip of the hat to the Canadian band "The Five Man Electrical Band", we will devote this month's Gallery to signs.

    From large billboards to small street signs, all examples of signage are welcome.

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      Mistress Zelda sees many signs in our future.


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        A couple of signs in the non-modular part of Rowley Mass.



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          Club layout.

          The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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            Some signs on an HO kit I built.


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              At the Unaka Factory, in the summer of 1943, with WW2 in full swing:

              Down at the Grindstaff store:

              Underneath the front end:

              over at "Baker Company":

              And down the track from there:


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                From my Zealandia cycle works.

                Cheers, Mark.


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                  Several signs in this photo of a portion of my Lunde Colliery on the layout.



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                    Looks like were off to a great start, with this month's photo gallery!

                    Here's a real old sign that I found in a crawl space under an old structure that we once owned.

                    It was being used as a concrete form for blocking off an old opening.

                    It's painted on both sides, so I could still see the backside of it under this crawl space.

                    So I carefully pried it off the concrete, and hauled it out into the daylight to see it a little more clearly.

                    It turned out to be 2 signs, one painted over the original sign for a merchant/tailor.

                    The second sign painted over it, was for our first public library that was once located in this same structure that I pulled it from.

                    I repaired it's border with some new wood, to stabilize it better.

                    Then asked my artist friend and also forum member here Lance Russwurm/DaVinci1953 if he could re-paint the one side of it that had the sign for the public library.

                    He carefully followed the faded lettering and other flourishes that were part of this old library sign, and this is how it came back looking.

                    The backside of the sign was not touched and still has the original merchant/tailor sign on it.

                    So this sign shows how frugal people were back in the day, this sign was used in 3 different ways before I discovered it, twice as a sign and then as a concrete form.

                    So I just wanted to save this sign as a piece of our small town history.



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                      Here is the special of the day at Senorita Burritos Restaurant in N Scale.

                      "Leonard, check it out. I\'ve bought an N Gauge locomotive. Half the size of HO. fits in my mouth!"


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                        Sinclair or Gulf?

                        "Leonard, check it out. I\'ve bought an N Gauge locomotive. Half the size of HO. fits in my mouth!"


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                          Mike Rose has lots of signs on his layout.


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                            When I was a kid, there were more Gulf stations around than Sinclair, but one of the Sinclair's we passed regularly had a fiberglass Allosaurus outside. That's now a landmark on US 1 in Saugus, MA - the gas station became a mini-golf place for years. Now that road frontage real estate is so valuable they quarry away many feet of rock to build 2-story Wallmarts, it's the mascot of a residential/commercial complex. And Senorita Burrito's deck reminds me of the Tap in Haverhill.


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                              Allen Keller's HO RR. Remember when Rexall ruled the pharmacy roost?