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  • Vaporware

    Is MR becoming vaporware? My April copy is only 68 (counting the cover pages) pages long??? I get ad circulars in the mail that are bigger than that. [:-bigeyes2]

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    I lurk on there forum. Not much going on over there either. I think it just the fact that it's being poorly run. I think once the modelers that ran the magazine passed on and the newer regime took over that doesn't seem to know what modeling is has made it go down the tubes.

    Take a look at RMC since Otto took over. It's a much better magazine. Otto was involved with the RIT college layout and is involved with the GV Museum. Plus he talks about building a layout. Much more involved editor than David Poop.

    Just my opinion on this.
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      I quit about 18 months ago reading MR when I did not renew my subscription after 44 years of subscribing. I was unaware David Popp is the new editor. I thought he was only doing the videos.

      One of the reasons I quit as I thought Cody was the only staff member worth reading . YMMV



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        Pretty much the same take here, was a 50+ reader of Trains as well and have let both rags move on without me. I used to be intimidated by the fat issues of MR in the 75-90s era as being over my head but it seems as my abilities to model and increased participation coincided with their whittling away. RMC was my preferred and is again. I must say from the Steve Priest era on RMC has really picked up their game. I also am found of the NMRA magazine that is flourishing under the strong guidance of Cynthia Priest.

        I agree that Cody is the only MR ‘name’ staffer that I was really paying attention too. Met him in Grand Rapids at Nat’l Train Show some time ago and had a nice chat with him.

        There is lots of internet content these days that gives plenty of information.
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          Each magazine has its strengths. I agree with Karl that the NMRA magazine has really improved in recent years. I no longer just flip through an issue once, never to look at it again.


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            There have been some recent MR issues I've liked, and others not so much. I think their 'beginner' stories are important to the hobby, because on-line videos come and go, and you have to do your own curation. I haven't been pleased by a few bits of sloppy editing in both MR and Trains recently. I like RMC, but many current articles don't compare well with those of the last century: too many words to get the facts across. That used to be why the job of Editor existed.


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              I lost interest in MR about 5 years ago when they were spending more on postage trying to recruit membership than what seemed to be sales of their magazine. So, they kept adding more advertising and subtracting content. Doing full page 'reviews' added pages, but it was still just more advertisement. I've always been a fan of RMC, and when Stephen Priest took over the helm, it came back to life. Otto is doing well, and glad that a 'modeler' is still in charge. NMRA Magazine...coming on strong!!! Cinthia Priest is one of my favorite people. She is a listener, a learner, and a voice for the hobby. At the Salt Lake Convention, I had about 6 young folks gathered around the 'Carousel' asking questions and sincerely interested in the technology. Cinthia stopped over to listen, and stayed around until the young folks left, and we talked about how young folks were interested the technology as much as the modeling. Next train show, if there are any young folks present, see what they're interested in. It just might save the hobby.

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                I think MR is pushing too much for their subscribers to go to digital content. I recently got an email that said I could read the latest issue digitally, whereas before that used to be about $2 a month for the digital subscription. As their readership goes digital, the look to be phasing out their printed magazine. My opinion anyway. As stated above, this is most likely due to the departure, by various methods, of the folks we grew to like over the years. The newer generation is more technologically oriented. For the hobby as a while, that's probably OK. For magazines, not so much.

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                  I am going to be the weird guy here but I read the electronic versions of many things I used to get in print. There are several reasons I have transitioned. First is cost. In many cases Kindle versions of things are cheaper. My kids learned this for many of their college textbooks. My son has not purchased a physical copy of a textbook in at least three years. You can even rent textbooks (only problem is they don’t come with highlighted sections).

                  The big reason I switched was back in the days when my daughter played club volleyball. Club tournaments are huge time-consuming creatures starting at dawn and ending in the evening. Many can span a weekend or holiday weekend. There is great deal of downtime between matches. At first, I brought books and magazines. I usually could read a book during a tournament. After some time, you learn to economize what can fit in a backpack. A Fire Tablet fit better than several books and magazines. I guess because of this I have grown used to reading this way. I take it

                  Currently the only magazine subscription I have is to Model Railroader and it is electronic through Amazon. It costs $3.58 a month and I can cancel anytime.


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                    I have to agree MR "ain't what it used to be". I renewed my subscription about nine months ago only because they made me a "cheap" offer. However, I will not renew. To get more info on most of the topics offered thru MR, you have to pay additional for this or that or subscribe to this or that. Gets pretty expensive pretty quick and some of the info is just a re-hash of some past article. RMC is GOOD stuff and I will renew when the time comes. One online publication I have not seen mentioned here is Model Railroader Hobbyist magazine put out by Joe Fugate. This is without a doubt my most favorite electronic publication. Besides the regular online magazine, there is an add-on called Running Extra. RE is an extra content publication without any advertisement. There is a lot of in depth info in MRH/RE with links to other websites and where to order info on project parts. MRH is free and RE is around ten to twelve bucks a year....well worth the cost. Some of my old MR magazines from the 60s and 70s are a lot more fun to read than anything MR publishes today. Sad to see a part of the hobby slip-slide away.

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                      I haven't subscribed to MR for decades. I don't even buy it anymore. I really stopped paying attention when the advertising outweighed the content, and the majority of the content became rehashed material from the previous 20-30 years. It's very rare that there's actually "new" content, and that tends to revolve more around technology applications to model railroading. For example, Alan Gartner's first column is essentially a re-hash of the website he's been running for years.

                      I still enjoy the layout features, and some of the new product announcements, but there's no value for money in it for me. Even "Great Model Railroads" for me has become "Not-so-great Model Railroads". Many of the featured layouts are nice, but certainly not what I'd consider "Great" based on the bar they themselves set with earlier issues.

                      There's too much quality content available online. I'd rather spend my time sifting through the inane stuff online to find the good stuff rather than wading through ads and dropout cards to look at some nice modeling.

                      Look at the work and information available here! There's modeling work and how-to help as good as or better than what MR has provided in the last 20 years or so.

                      My $0.02.


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                        I haven't bought a MR in years and being my interest is Logging and Narrow Gauge I don't Buy to many mags anymore :erm:
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