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  • Saturday morning lounge

    Good morning all, from 27f and Sunny N.E.Indiana, heading to 48f later. The coffee urn is READY with Zepphyr blend today. The special is #1. There is some cold pizza in the fridge from last night's Zoom meetings. All other beverages and the oatmeal pot at the end of the serving plate.

    I was surprised yesterday afternoon when the brown truck dropped off the replacement hard drive, that I was expecting on Monday. So I worked on that until the wee hours this morning. System is rebuilt with a larger SSD (Solid State Drive) Slick program cloned the old limping drive to the new drive, while repairing some damaged code. Program access is really quick, and it ran all my checks error free. Back in business!

    Today I'll continue work on the roundhouse controls and maybe take a nap.

    Have a Super day!

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    Good morning, Jim and crew. It's a sunny day in Tidewater Virginia. I have some outdoor chores to do, but I'm going to wait till the temps get into the 40's

    I'm still working on my cassettes. If I put a major effort into the project, I could finish them today. Then again...

    Have a good day.

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      Good morning from Wisconsin, it is 30f degrees feels like 30 and the big melt continues as the high should hit 44. Jim thanks for opening, the meal and it reads like you are extremely happy with the newest toy for your computer, congrats.

      I am stripping factory paint off of 4 Athearn Genesis Gp38-2 and Gp40-2w’s. The 38’s stripped great. The 40’s not so much, so today the 91% will be changed to 99% isopropyl acholol.

      Have a great safe day



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        Good morning Jim, George TomO and all incoming crew. Thanks for the opening and breakfast for the gathering crew members.

        It is 29 degrees and sunny today here in Little Rhody.

        Glad to hear you've got your computer fixes out of the way Jim. You've got to love these computers. They are a necessary evil to have these days. Something I never wanted to get into, until I did, now I can't go a day without it.

        Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

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          Good morning, crew. It’s a sunny 30F in northern WV, much like yesterday.

          We are getting the miles in while the days are dry. The rail trail is largely empty of people but the regulars are out.

          I’m watching tutorials on the layout planning software I installed a few days ago. I’ve learned enough CAD and graphics programs over the years that it’s largely intuitive. I also need to work on our club’s website which requires me to navigate around Wordpress. I still enjoy learning something new.

          Have fun today!


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            Good morning, all. The NH seacoast is sunny and warming up to 30-ish. We're going to put out birdhouses, then I'll go back to the attic.

            I'm going to try a Modeling Hangout on the HUB's Zoom account this evening. We can have up to 100 logged in, so feel free to look in: 7:30 to 9:30 PM EST, Meeting ID 854 6577 1917, password 465601

            I'll have my cabled webcam so I can show what I'm working on and answer questions about that and the layout, others are welcome to talk and/or show as they prefer.


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              Sun and ice in the birdbath but forecast of warmer later and nice until~Wednesday then cool again.

              Nice that you have the box fixed, Jim. Nice to know what you’re doing with that stuff. I have a son-in-law that does that stuff with one arm tied behind his back JSU to make if fun. The Doll is feuding with his wife and happily my latest issues were fixed before that happened.

              No big plans, try to get out somewhere today if possible.
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                We're having 'late winter' here in SE NH, highs this weekend won't reach 30. But they're claiming up to 62 by the end of the week.

                Yesterday I did a bit of work on Tichy (crossing) sheds. Fun kits, they go together easily and paint up nicely. I need to work on the roofs, which came out too dark. I also need to touch up the trucks and reassemble those 3 small coal gons I built last week. Then it'll be time to clean the desk and think about the next project.

                Right side shows roof with a metallic 'gun metal' paint. Left side shows a thin coat of 'pewter' to lighten that up a bit. I'll add some rust on the smoke stack.

                Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                  Good morning to the entire crew. It is 29 and heading up to 39 under sunny skies here in S.E. Michigan.

                  No plans on venturing forth, so I should get some modeling time in between organizing data for the Federal and State income taxes.

                  Have a great day!


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                    Good afternoon folks

                    It is 34 going to 36.

                    I just got a chance to sit in front of the computer as I have doing a few chores and little projects before the energy runs out. I had a slight fever from the shot yesterday, but fatigue has been the most noticeable side effect. It comes in waves, one minute I am full of energy, the next all I want to do is fall down.

                    Since some track I ordered came I worked on the inside loop. I quickly realized I ordered the wrong switches. I order a couple of #8’s. For the inner loop I need more #6’s. I have uses for the #8’s but not in what I need to do now. I also cut out some building bases from cardboard and began placing them on the layout to see how things fit. I am going to need to revise the track plan somewhat to accommodate the Union Station and platforms.

                    Not sure what is on tap for the day. I need to go to PetSmart and get prescription dog food some time this weekend.

                    I hope everybody has a good day.