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  • TomPM
    Good afternoon folks

    Just got home from getting my first COVID shot. It seems like we spent the day in the car. Logged about a hundred miles. An hour to Levittown, half hour to get the shot, a stop for lunch, and an hour to get home. I got the Phizer shot so I return in three weeks, the day after my gets her second shot. At the moment the only side effect is my arm is sore.

    Last evening, I tacked down the track. This is temporary until I can outline the track zone for the roadbed. I looked at my supply of roadbed and did a few calculations and I think I am way short. Each loop is about 40 feet. There is a third smaller loop plus sidings and spurs. My guess is I need at least 150 to 170 feet. I currently have 72 feet. Guess I know what my next order will be.

    I hope everybody has a good day.

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  • Michael_Hohn
    Good morning, crew. At 37F we are only a few degrees shy of today’s forecast high here in northern West Virginia. Another beautiful sunny day.

    Yesterday we walked four miles along a part of the rail trail we had not been on for a while. The water in the creek is high.

    I worked on the B&O tower yesterday and seem to be on a roll.

    Have a great day everyone!


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  • tloc
    Good morning Crew and thanks Jim for opening. I will be back later for breakfast. The weather seems nice beyond the house walls. 31f degrees now heading to 38. But yesterday, oh was it nice 10 degrees higher at 56 then the prediction, it almost felt like a t-shirt day.

    Back to the exercise program this morning.

    Trains yesterday was just framework. I added the 2” foam on the framework attached by liquid nails project stuff. I like it and has worked very well for me over the years. Not sure what will happen in the train room later today. I still am working on the grain complex but not with enthusiasm. I still want to work on the Papermill which is about 60% of what is coming over from the old layout. I told Terry on the phone yesterday I was thinking about putting the stage skirting on the framework. I guess I wasn’t thinking to well on that decision. She gave me 3 reasons why not and she is right but I am going today to order the additional skirting I need to cover under the framework I have up.

    Enjoy your day


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  • k9wrangler
    The sunshine and warm has moved off to the side today, the bird bath is [:-cold] the the sun is well blanketed in clouds.

    Saw a brief notice that SpaceX had sent one of their current first stage rockets up a half dozen miles or so and were able to land it back on the launch facility....quoting their PR dept. As if the flight test was not exciting enough, SN10 experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly shortly after landing. :crazy: [:-jump] Their video feed didn't include that portion of the event...

    I ventured out yesterday and made a spontaneous stop at nearby Michigan Police Equipment and inquired about a Glock 27 pistol I'd been trying for months unsuccessfully all over the state to find. To my surprise[:-jump2]not only did they have a brand new Gen 5 model, it was over $200 less than I'd ever seen what one would have been if a dealer had one. I also purchased a 20 round box of .40 S&W ammo, $15 more than I usually have paid. Perk of retired LEO status. Was quite pleased, less than price of a brass loco.

    Back home I worked on the graphics/signage for the gas station project.

    No big plans for today. Will try not to experience any rapids unscheduled disassembly of any of my projects.

    Be Well, safe and warm.[:-jump]

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  • desertdrover
    Good morning Jim, Bruce and George. Here in Rhode Island we are at 39 degrees with Precipitation 1% Humidity 66% and Wind at 9 mph.

    Yesterday was a productive day for the wife and I. We started out with getting our Covid shots, then got our Taxes filled out, and all was done by 12:00. Went out for lunch and took the rest of the day off doing nothing.

    Today I will be eyeballing the layout and trying to get motivated once again.

    All have a great safe and healthy day.

    You are a brave sole there George. After a year of Covid-19 lockdown, then straight on to a Cruise. Best of luck to you with that.

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  • George_D
    Good morning, Jim and crew. The sun's out in Tidewater Virginia. That's two days in a row!

    No model railroading yesterday. I spent part of the morning booking a cruise for December 2022 and in the afternoon we went up to Williamsburg to the outlets. We received our second vaccine over month ago and decided to venture out more. Of course we used masks and social distanced, but it being mid week the number of other shoppers were few to none. Pat won 3 to 0. I didn't buy a thing.

    Have a good day.


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  • Dutchman
    Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is cloudy, 30 degrees and snow flurrying here in S.E. Michigan. It looks like we will have a few cooler days before another warm-up early next week.

    I spent most of yesterday working on clinics, so didn't get much done on the Sand House. I did get a few coats of paint on the smoke stack. I will get back to that project later today.

    Have a great day!

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  • BurleyJim
    started a topic Thursday morning lounge

    Thursday morning lounge

    Good morning all, from 30f and Sunny N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Railway Expresso blend. The special is Chicken and Waffles. Oatmeal is alternative #1. There is no second alternative. All other beverages at the end of the line. I had to come out to the shop to open the lounge this morning. Main computer is in sickbay. :erm:

    So that's putting a crimp in today's plan.

    Have a Super day!