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gluing a stack of washers together?

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  • gluing a stack of washers together?

    Those little 8-wheel cars (photo over in the Early Rail forum) need a stack of 3 washers on the trucks to get the couplers to the correct height. Anyone got a trick on how to glue them together? It would be a lot easier to work with a single stack than to get all 3 washers lined up on the truck screw.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don’t glue them. I pile them up on the truck bolster, center them around the hole by poking down the center of the pile with the end of the tweezers, put the screw in the truck hole, line the end of the screw with the hole, and set the truck on the pile, holding the truck in place as I screw the screw down. It’s easier than it sounds.


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      Instead of using washers glued together to get your height needed, can't you use a Kadee #144 Metal Whisker Coupler with Underset Shank?

      If not, I've used two part epoxy to glue washers together. And, used the epoxy also to glue nuts from a bolt for weight inside of boxcars.

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        How about stacking them on a scratch awl put a drop of CA on the side of the stack. When they stick together, wack them off,and set your next 3. Or take Lou's idea of using underset couplers. You may only need 1 washer then.

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          Anyone got a trick on how to glue them together?

          Clamp them up with a hemostat and solder them together,
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            If I wanted a stack of Kadee washers to stay together until the screw is in its hole, I'd use a little bit of Walthers Goo.


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              Seems to me that a small piece of styrene with a hole in it would work nicely.... Add paint to suit.


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                Would it be better if the washers weren't joined together, and remained loose

                so they could slide around each other and not impede the rotation of

                the trucks in case any small amount of CA, epoxy, Goo or other glues rubbed on

                the bearing faces of the washers, or even raised a small lump on the side of a

                washer that interfered with the rotation of the truck.

                When mounting a truck can you hold it right side up, insert the screw up from

                the bottom and hold it in place with the screw driver; stack the loose three

                washers over the screw, on top of the truck; hold a hopper right side up in your

                other hand and gently start the screw then you can invert the car and finish

                snugging the screw.


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                  If these are going to be used as a 'unit train', wouldn't only two couplers need to be at a standard height? One on each end of 'the unit'.

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                    Just use some yellow glue or white glue to hold them together temporarily, thread them over a rod to keep them centered.

                    Takes 5 mins for the glue to dry, then attach the bogey/truck to the frame with them held in place together temporarily to make things easier.

                    Then twist the trucks to break the bond between the washers if needed.

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