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    I'm not sure how big a sardine boat is but jbvb's point about a boat in that position being easily damaged I would probably

    leave out the boat.


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      The boat would not have to be permanently attached, but I get the point. The sardine boat is as big as another favorite of mine, and one I would include in a bigger (next?) module: the banana boat. Early-mid 20th century Navy ships (destroyer class, I think) sold to fruit companies who needed fast transport. Used for both bananas and passengers. Interesting story to boot.

      I could settle for a shrimp or lobster boat though....


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        Luis, great topic. I always like any layouts with a waterfront. Boats can be another modeling subject all on there own, but combined with trains, I think you get the best of both worlds. I vote to keep a boat in scene.

        Really like how you're also including various plans. To nail it down, I guess you'll really have to decide how much space you have.

        Why have you changed it from 14" down to 12" deep. If you want a boat, you'll definitely want a reasonable amount of water around the front of it.

        Regarding size of sardine boats, they would come in all sizes, so nothing typical.

        I've recently built two fishing trawlers, that are about scale 32' long.

        Not large like the banana boat in your picture, which is probably one of the ex Navy destroyers you mentioned.

        History of them here:-

        Really like that old photo of the wharf. Do you know it's location ?
        Regards Rob

        Despite the cost of living, it's still popular

        My current build.


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          Hi Rob,

          The decision to reduce to 12" was purely arbitrary. Just seeing how small I can get; I guess some sort of challenge I also don;t want too much space for scenery, and track and switches are expensive...

          I think I can keep the 12" and move the track up about 3/4" (with the buildings I have). That gives me an extra 1.66 m for a total 23 ft scale of water. I may be able to squeeze something there.

          The picture is a port in New Orleans.