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    Good morning all from 4f and clear N.E.Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Caboose stove blend. The special is a breakfast burrito with/without chorizo. Oatmeal pot and other beverages at the end of the line.

    I'm anticipating seeing how the clinics by Bruce and Chuck a little later. By the time our Division figures it out, the pandemic will be over. :up: I reserved tables at upcoming Train Shows scheduled for the fall. The Spring version was cancelled back in October, so the normal March event was moved to next October. So as of right now, that club lost 3 shows on their calendar. The other club will have lost 2 shows. I suspect there will be some serious transactions going on at both events. Nothing like seeing old farts haggling over an Athearn Bluebox.

    Still waiting on parts to press on with the challenge project. Maybe I'll Frankenstein some LP later to take out frustration.[:d][;D]

    Have a Super day!


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    Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is 19 degrees and snowing lightly here in S.E. Michigan. It looks like yet another inch of snow fell over night.

    Yesterday I finished up Challenge projects 1 & 2. Since there is still plenty of time, I think that I will roll out a third project for the Challenge.

    Yes, Jim, the Chuck & Bruce "Heating & Cooling" show will go on starting at 10 a.m. Chuck goes first with his Antracite Coal clinic and I will go on around 10:50 a.m. with my Natural Ice clinic. The link was in yesterday's lounge.

    Have a great day!


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      Good morning Jim and Bruce from overcast northern West Virginia, where it’s currently 16F. It’s supposed to get down to single digits tonight.

      We’re having a final organize and pack session at the club today. In the next week magazines head for recycling, junk to the landfill and keepers to the new quarters as soon as we get the occupancy permit.

      Have a great day everyone!


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        Originally posted by Dutchman

        Yes, Jim, the Chuck & Bruce "Heating & Cooling" show will go on starting at 10 a.m.

        I like that!

        Not much planned for the day other than giving my clinic. I had a rush of paperwork to process yesterday related to my Mom's estate. Today should be quiet.

        See you at 10, Bruce.



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          Good morning, Jim and crew. It's a bright sunny day in Tidewater Virginia, but the birdbath has a layer of ice on it.

          I've been tuning my freight cars insuring the couplers are free moving and always return to center. I had one that no matter what I did with the brass coupler box spring, it wouldn't return to center. In frustration, I replaced the #5 with a whisker spring coupler and it works like a champ.

          Have a good day.

          Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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            I had "no video" with the connection, and didn't want to disrupt by pushing buttons. :erm:

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              Hazy sun and bright attitude on hand this morning.

              Took the pieces of a Bar Mills kit out and hit them with a shot of grey primer yesterday while the sensitive nose was out for a bit. Funny how she never notices if she doesn’t see me go to the basement and has near hysteria if she detects paint odors.

              Spent another block of totally wasted time with the locked up iPad yesterday. Don’t need the flippin’ pos anyhow. Over hyped junk.

              Train show would make a nice diversion. I’d get a table but not an early enough riser to go set up for one.

              Everyone have a good day. Be well, safe and cheerful....humph...yeah really.

              At least it’s really Saturday unless your Rick, it’s Monday for him, on the iron roadway.
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                Good morning from the Central Time zone. It’s sunny out and the 3 computerized weather stations on the property agree it is 19. The wind is blowing at 6mph but no idea how wind chill is figured. I am not checking the Weather Channel app today, I will enjoy the sun.

                The son in Austin texted at 6 this morning. He found out he has full water pressure again. He heard water running in the garage. The pipes that join the water softener split apart and water all over. He was happy after he fixed them, he has water again even though he has to boil it. Now if only he could use the sewers, the Utility is telling them the lines are frozen.

                Trains after the granddaughter leaves later. The grandson has 2 games this afternoon and no siblings allowed in.


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                  Good afternoon folks

                  It is a bright and sunny 29 heading all the way up to 31. No snow in the forecast until Monday.

                  Some craziness going on with my wife’s school district. It appears they want to be the first district in the county to be back 100% and are going hellbent on doing so despite the fact that community infection rates in their district are one of the highest in the county. The middle school where my wife works averages at least 2 staff or students a week getting a positive result. Thus far they are saying the infections are coming from outside the school. However, for some reason the Health Department has taken over doing the contact tracing from the school district.

                  My wife has several health issues that could be a huge and potentially deadly problem if she gets COVID. This is her check in month with most of her doctors. She has spoken to her allergist who said she could go back in person if certain conditions are met but he truly thinks it is safest for her to remain virtual until she gets the vaccine. She spoke to her endocrinologist yesterday and she said under no circumstances should she go in person until she gets the vaccine. She talks with her primary on Wednesday. She is forwarding the information to the school district as she receives it from the doctors. She is between a rock and a hard place at this point. One more point her student she works with is virtual. His parents do not want him in the school building, so my wife would go to the school building and work with him on the computer while he is still at home.

                  I had a productive day, or should I say destructive day as I removed all the foam from the second board. I was able to save the passenger station and Island Cement. The cupola on the station did come off but no other damage to any of the existing buildings/scenes. Next is cutting the framing and placing it in position.

                  Not sure what else is on tap for today. I do need to make a pharmacy run at some point this weekend.

                  Well, I am off to search for vaccine appointments. The endocrinologist recommended expanding the search to include most of the state. She has had other patients go out of the area to Lancaster County, the Poconos and beyond to get their shots. Apparently if you are going to a pharmacy you don’t have to stay in your county.

                  I hope everybody has a good day.