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Remaking the Ridley Keystone -and- Mountain

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    Heavy demo to commence soon. In the meantime.


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      I'm in for one in the P-RSL Combine, please. I have my own mask....


      in Michigan


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        Today was the day the last train ran over the RK&M Layout Version 2. The train known as the Final Flyer performed a photo run by at the Water Tower Diorama.

        1of 2

        New York Ontario & Western F3A (Stewart kit)

        New York Ontario & Western F3B (Unpowered; Stewart kit)

        Baltimore & Ohio Railway Post Office car (Athearn Blue Box kit)

        New York Ontario &Western Coach (Bev-Bel/Athearn Blue Box kit)

        Reading Company Rounded Roof Coach (Bev-Bel/Athearn Blue Box kit)


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          2 of 2

          Lehigh & New England Coach (Athearn Blue Box Lit; custom painted and decaled by others)

          Central Railroad of New Jersey Coach (Athearn Blue Box Lit; custom painted and decaled by others)

          Pennsylvania P54 Coach (Con-Cor)

          Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines P54 Combine (Con-Cor unlettered; I added the PRSL and numbers)

          Lehigh & Hudson River Cupola Caboose (Atlas Trainman)

          Here is a video of the Water Tower photo run by

          Lastly a video of the Final Flyer as it makes it last trips around the layout


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              I'll swing aboard the caboose - it's been 50 years since I rode one.


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                :up: :up:
                New York, Vermont & Northern Rwy. - Route of the Black Diamonds


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                  I've been watching your videos, Tom. :up:


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                    Got a good amount of demo this weekend. First was removing the Hunting Cabin



                    Next came the rock face.




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                      Now for removing the Grain Elevator. I tried to save as much as I could. The track, however could not be saved as it came up when I started removing the foam.

                      Before – Grain Elevator isolated

                      The Grain Elevator removed

                      The area without the Grain Elevator


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                        Down to the wood

                        The Farmhouse waits for removal

                        Next up is finishing removing the Farmhouse and the foam on the first board. Then I will start working on the wood for the widening of the layout.


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                          Are you planning to rebuild using the same "boards supporting foam" scheme?


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                            It was a struggle, but I was to get the Farmhouse free without too much damage. The road looks fine but it is not and will need to be removed or redone.

                            Here the one board cleared of foam. I still have some dried glue spots to remove.

                            After doing a measurement check on the board a problem arose. It is not 4x8 as thought. It is 4x6.5. This means there as currently situated there would be too much overhang on the near end of the table. Even adding the additional wood for bracing would not help. The solution is to move the table base which is an old drafting table I got from work when the office moved. I got four of them, all ones that were part of my squad area and used by me. Currently two serve as the base for the layout. One is my workbench. The last one is at the moment a junk collector. When the layout is fully realized it will the third table base.

                            In the meantime, I am going to bring in a piece of the pink foam and lay it down temporarily. I want to layout a couple of critical areas of the track plan to make sure they fit before cutting any wood or foam.

                            Another part of the project is to hang some new lights over the layout. They are in the box that keeps getting moved around.


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                              Originally posted by jbvb

                              Are you planning to rebuild using the same "boards supporting foam" scheme?

                              At the present time yes. I will be adding extensions onto them using wood framing. The boards are not resting on the drafting tables. There is some space if I need to run wiring under the wood boards.

                              Some of foam boards may be reused mostly as gap fillers and the base for hills. If there are "good" pieces I might look at reusing them as part of the base.

                              My plan is to buy at least 4 new 4x8 2 inch pieces of pink foam.


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                                New lights are up.

                                I still have some work to with hiding cords and such.

                                After thinking and possibly overthinking installing the lights I am happy they are up ad working. Took me a little while to figure out how to place them. Then I pondered whether to mount them to the rafters directly or on something else. Once I stopped overthinking, I decided to try one on the rafter directly. It worked out nice and installed the other five. Took me about 2 hours to do. I did not do them all at once. I did two then took a break to let my shoulder relax, did 2 more rested, and then the last two.