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Remaking the Ridley Keystone -and- Mountain

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  • Now begins the office building

    Adding mortar lines to the brick walls

    All the walls done

    Add the glass to the window frames

    Assemble the walls

    Completed office building

    On the layout

    To finish the model I need to add decals and weather the structures but that won't happen until we get some better weather and temperatures so I can seal the structures. I have to figure out the grade needed to reach the coal trestle and then either buy something or make something to carry the track. Lastly I need to build a base for the coal yard and determine the configuration since the as recommended placement will not work on the layout.


    • Next structure is the Golden Valley Canning Company.

      The parts.

      Mortar lines done.

      Windows added

      Walls for the main building


      • Tom,
        Nice job on the kits! What do you use for the mortar, and how do you apply it?
        Who makes those cool magnets?



        • Loading dock and outside stairs on main building. Walls for boiler house

          Loading dock main building and walls for boiler house

          Finished boiler house

          Finished main building

          Location on the layout.

          I still need to add the decals. I will do that after I can seal the buildings.
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          • Tom,
            Looking good!



            • Thanks Scott.

              I worked on the configuration for the Coal Yard.

              Measure out the base. I used poster foam board.

              Base and surrounding ground painted


              • Coal trestle weathered

                Shed weathered Front view

                Rear view

                Ramp to the coal trestle using Woodland Scenics inclines.

                I found an old Woodland Scenics concrete wall that I am using as an abutment


                • Continuing with work on the coal trestle ramp.

                  Testing the location with the coal trestle.

                  I mixed a runny solution of plaster of Paris and soaked paper towels in the mixture. I then placed them over the ramp.

                  Here is the forgotten photos of the weathered office building


                  • For the walls I used Woodland Scenics Timber Walls. I cut the walls to size and lined them up to make sure everything fit.

                    I painted the walls and weathered them. Next I glued them in place.

                    Things to do next are add a layer of plaster to the ramp, weather the tracks, paint more of the foam border.


                    • Tom,
                      The coal business fits in the corner real nice. Nice job on all the weathering. The signage on the office looks great! The coal trestle ramp is coming along and the timber retaining wall looks great as well!



                      • Tom,

                        Great job on the coal yard. The weathering on the ramp looks very realistic.



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