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"Choices Challenge" Bench Work For My First Layout

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  • "Choices Challenge" Bench Work For My First Layout

    I am going to be building the bench work for my 2'x2' layout, laying down the foam base, and starting to tackle manual turnout controls in the face of the base.

    I am going to rabbit joint the corners and I have cut a detail along the inside of the frame to flush mount the plywood base.

    The pieces inside the frame are cross supports.


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    2'x2'! What scale Scott?

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      Originally posted by George D

      2'x2'! What scale Scott?



      Z scale. See the link to my layout build.



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        Nicely done, Scott.

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          A little are progress. I said earlier in this thread that I wanted to use manual switches. I am basing my switch controls on the ground throw switch.

          They will be lined up along an axis in front.

          I am going to mount them on a plate and connect them via rod or cable to gravity switches.

          I will make a connection for a controller and openings for switches to isolate sidings.

          I am also going to use old style square nuts and washers to fasten the corners of the frame. I am going to use round head fasteners and square nuts on the control panel as well

          I want the details and fasteners to look like railroad type fasteners.



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            That is going to look very sharp Scott. Are you going to use a BB for the ball, or something a little larger?

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              I was thinking they might be discs I'd cut from rod.

              But now you've got me thinking of doing wood balls.

              I was also thinking this shape is more English.

              What if I did a notched block like the US ones?



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                I forgot to post this bit of progress on this thread.

                I cut the holes to lighten the frame and to run controls for manual turnouts.

                What do you guys think?



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                  I like it Scott. For sure the framework will never come apart. Nice carpentry.

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                    Nice wood work, Scott.


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                      If you want exactly that style of switch lever and will enjoy making them, great. But if you aren't aware of Humpyard Purveyance's acetal lever kits, they might save you some time.


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                        If you want to take some benchwork order I might know a guy. Looking forward to following this thread.


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                          Thanks guys!

                          jbvb, I was hoping to represent ground throw switches.

                          I just realized that what I was mimicking was from Australia.

                          This is more what I'm after:

                          Unfortunately, I like the Australian one. It visually fits better.



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                            Your American picture looks like a Racor #22 - they're the corporate descendant of Ramapo, a foundry in NJ who made many, many switchstands back in the day. The Humpyard Purveyance levers look like manual interlocking levers from a signal tower, though in the UK (and other places that have similar operating schemes) you see them in ground frames.


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                              A month since I posted an update. Well there have been some big distractions. But I finally took some time to document what have have been doing in drips and drabs since the last time.

                              I have been working on the fasteners for the frame of my layout, and the components for the switch controls.

                              I wanted the fasteners to look older, so I purchased what was described as beveled nuts. Turns out only three of the 25 nuts were beveled, so I had to bevel the rest myself. I drilled out the #6 fender fender washers to fit #8 hanger bolts.

                              The center of the tubular sections of the switch lever needed to be opened up to match the 5/16 stainless steel pivot shaft. I drilled out the bronze washers to fit the pivot shaft as well. Once I lined up all the tube sections and bronze washers on the shaft and between the brackets, I cut the shaft to length.

                              The white block is a jig I made to drill the two screw hole 90 degree to each other in the tube sections.

                              I cut the end brackets and ball detent shelf from 1/8" thick aluminum angle stock.(I changed the design from my original brackets)

                              I drilled mounting holes in the brackets to fit the M2 round head bolts from Miniature Hardware. I also drilled holes in the bottom center of the end brackets, for a 2-54 set screw to hold the shaft.

                              A base plate was cut from 1/8" aluminum scrap. An open for the lever linkage, mounting holes, and switch holes still need to be cut and drilled. The base will be mounted to the wood frame with 6-32 carriage bolts.

                              The lever handles and linkage, will be made from 4-40 hex head screws.