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My Very First Layout, A Mini!

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  • My Very First Layout, A Mini!

    Hi All,

    I am new to Z scale, and new to building layouts.

    What I hope to accomplish with this layout is get my feet wet, create switching opportunities, have a test track to test locos I will build, and be able to play with trains!

    The small size will allow me to store it easily and hopefully complete it within a decade.

    My layout will be based on the Branford Steam Railroad and will take place in the 1915-1925 era. The BSRR was owned by the New Haven Trap Rock Co.

    Most of the power and rolling stock I will have to make.

    I will be calling my railroad and the quarry it serves, A. Small Rock Co.

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    Z-Scale this should be very interesting.

    I'm sure you will get followers just to see how this done.

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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      I'll be watching your progress and wishing I had the eyes and nimble fingers to even attempt Z-Scale modeling.


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        I'll be following along as well. I used to live in Branford years ago.


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          Great to see a Z scale layout! Are those squares 12"x12" making the layout 2'by2'?


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            Yowz-z-z-za! This promises to be a fascinating project.

            Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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              Z scale! This will be interesting to follow.

              The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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                Jerry, David, slimrails, Mike, and George,

                Thanks for the comments and for following. I appreciate any input since I am a layout neophyte.

                Tyson, yes 12x12", so it will be 24x24 inches in size.

                Here is a sketch I did to help me visualize the layout.

                I did a lot of research on the prototype and received some great pictures from the Branford Historical society and library. I'll post those through out the build.



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                  I like where you are going. I will be following.


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                    Nice plan and interesting project. Will be interesting to follow.

                    You might want to check the elevations and grades. I think it will be hard to create the necessary vertical distance next to the Bridge label.

                    Maybe an alternative would be to extend the Lumber Yard track to the right edge and use that as the interchange. In return the current one could be shortened and used for the lumber yard.




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                      As Martin says, the clearance for the bridge may be hard to come by. I don't model in Z but my calculator says railhead to the underside of the bridge must be almost an inch.


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                        As Martin and James said you probably won't have enough clearance for the bridge and still have a grade you could be happy with.


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                          Martin and jbvb,

                          Thanks for the heads up. When I sketched up the layout, I wondered if the grade was going to be an issue.

                          It is at 17%! So I tried Martin's suggestion, or at least how I interpreted it, and it was still at 13%.

                          I am looking at some alternative configurations for the lumber yard and interchange.

                          I'll post those when I have an idea I like.



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                            If you're using an open framework, you could bring the main line down while the interchange spur rises, but then you need three more vertical curves.


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                              You could just get rid of the bridge siding and switch altogether and put a switch in where the truck is heading to the coal barge and have the track going off to the lower right for the interchange.