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    Thanks for following, Tom. I'm sure there was a lot of manual labor involved in that job.

    I've finished tweaking the wall drawings and playing around with a couple construction ideas. I have one of six walls finished.

    The first step was to cut the wall on the Cricut paper cutter. The wall is 100lb Bristol board. I mounted it on a piece of cardstock with double faced Scotch tape, so the siding could be glued on. The cardstock has guide lines for board spacing. At the bottom is a line for the foundation, which was painted before the boards were added.

    The boards were cut from a piece of brown cardstock on the Cricut. I only cut the horizontal board lines. The ends were left connected. That held everything together so I could paint the cut cardstock with a light coat of white paint from a rattle can. The ends were cut off when the paint dried, giving me a pile of individual 12” boards. They were fastened to the wall using 3M 465 adhesive. They have an 8” reveal.

    I decided to start with this wall since it was going to have a sign painted on it and will be the most difficult of the set. The sign was painted on the wall using a vinyl stencil cut on the Cricut. This is a five step process.

    1/ cut the vinyl. The back of the vinyl is sticky and mounted on a piece of paper. Cricut's vinyl setting only cuts through the vinyl leaving everything attached to the backing paper. The letters are then “weeded” (Cricut term) from the vinyl. This is what it looks like about half way through the weeding. The letters that have been picked out are in a stack at the top of the picture.

    This is shows the weeding completed.

    2/ A piece of clear transfer tape is applied to the top of the vinyl. Notice that the inside pieces of the O, R and A are in place. The purpose of the transfer tape is to keep everything in place for the next step.

    3/ The vinyl's backing paper is now removed, revealing the sticky backside of the vinyl. The transfer tape is holding all the pieces in their correct position.

    4/ The vinyl is placed on the wall and burnished down. The transfer tape is then removed (carefully).

    The lines you see in the lettering are the siding.

    5/ I masked the wall and painted the sign. Before the final painting the vinyl was sprayed with Dullcote to seal the edges of the letters so the paint wouldn't seep under the stencil. When the Dullcote was dry I brush painted the stencil with a craft acrylic paint. Some white was added to the blue to give it a faded look.

    The Cricut doesn't do a good job of cutting out the openings for the rafter tails. It cuts the vertical lines but the 2” horizontal line hardly exists. This isn't a big problem since the cut lines have been defined and only have to be finished off with a #11 blade. When the siding is glued to the wall, the openings have to be cut in the siding. I glue this top piece of siding on with Aleene's Tacky Glue to get a solid grip and then cut the openings, again.

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      Nice job, George!


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        Well done George!


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          The sign—in fact the whole wall—looks really nice.


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            Howdy George. Off to an excellent start on the structure. The sign is very well done.

            Despite some of it's limitations, you are certainly getting excellent value from the Cricut cutter.
            Regards Rob

            Despite the cost of living, it's still popular

            My current build.



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              Thanks, Bruce, Carl, Mike and Rob.

              Yes, Rob, the Cricut has limitations, but the good points far out weigh it's weakness. I have some additional ideas for it's use that I'll be covering when I get to them.

              Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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                Looks nice. Before we married, my wife used a Cricut, similar vinyl and a heat sealer to make custom t-shirts.


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                  Thanks, James. There are two types of vinyl, iron on and the stick on that I'm using. Vinyl is my newest toy. I have other ideas for it.

                  Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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                    Nice stencil work. A bit time consuming but well worth the effect.


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                      Like how the stencil work is done. Nice looking wall.

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                        Thanks, Frank and Bern.

                        Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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                          Looking good!


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                            Very nice, George!


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                              Nice use of what has become a 'go to' tool for you. New and different applications are great gray matter exercises. Think about all the folks that wouldn't know a cricket from a thicket or worse, a ticket!

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                                Thanks, Ray and Fred.

                                Jim, If I had to come up with ways to use the Cricut when I bought it, I'd have a very short list. Necessity is the mother of invention. Heck I even used it to make a building where these guys could picket.

                                Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.