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2021 “So Many Choices, So Little Time” Challenge

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  • 2021 “So Many Choices, So Little Time” Challenge

    It is time to get the 2021 Challenge Going. We once again will have choices, choices, choices. The goal is to accumulate 2 or more Points. Although the assignment of point values is clearly subjective, we didn’t have any problems last year, so let’s give it a go.

    So, here's how it works: Simply choose any combination of projects from the list below to add up to two points. The point values are listed after the project description. Once you have chosen your project(s), let us know what they are in the Challenge Thread. Then complete your selected project(s) as you have time throughout the next few months. The goal is to have them finished by Friday, April 30 2020. Work can commence immediately and I will open the Challenge Thread and Final Pictures Thread in the Mike Chambers’ Craftsman’s Corner by January 1st.

    1. Build a structure from a kit. 1 Point for ‘simple’ kit, 2 Points for ‘complex’ kit

    2. Kitbash a model. The goal is that the kit should be visible in the end model, i.e. you can see "this is a bash of the kit" (as opposed to "taking all the sticks and parts and producing something that looks nothing like the kit.") "Judging criteria" fir point value will include creativity and originality of the result, as well as construction. 1 Point for simple bash, 2 Points for complex bash.

    3. Build and detail a piece of rolling stock from a kit. 1 Point

    4. Scratchbuild a piece of rolling stock, any era, scale/gauge, from styrene, wood, or resin. 1 Point for the basic car (including lettering/numbering), 1 Additional Point for complete undercarriage and topside detailing

    5. Finish an orphaned project you started and then abandoned. 1 Point

    6. Create a sketch of a structure and then scratch build it. 1 Point for simple, 2 Points for complex.

    7. Repaint/Refresh an old locomotive any scale. 1 Point

    8. Tackle any project on your layout: benchwork, trackwork, scenery, electrical, etc. 1 or 2 Points depending on complexity