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The Gallery: Dec. 2020 "Modeling Year In Review"

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    A Few Scenes From the Louisville & Wadley Southern Rwyid="Georgia">id="size4">id="blue"> (ALL W.I.P.)id="Georgia">id="size2">id="blue">

    THE CHURCH id="Georgia">id="size3">id="blue">

    THE BLUNDALE, GA DEPOT LOOKING SOUTHid="Georgia">id="size3">id="blue">

    THE BLUNDALE, GA DEPOT LOOKING NORTHid="Georgia">id="size3">id="blue">

    THE METROPOLIS OF BLUNDALE, GAid="Georgia">id="size3">id="blue">

    THE CUT ON THE HILL id="Georgia">id="size3">id="blue">

    Enjoy and we'll catch Y'all later.


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      Steve, nice shots of the L&WS Rwy, Thanks.


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        Originally posted by Bill Gill

        Steve, nice shots of the L&WS Rwy, Thanks.

        Thanks, Bill, and thanks for your kind and patient mentoring and tutorial on the backdrop process. S.


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          This is my son’s Christmas gift to me, A Broadway Limited PRR T-1. It is a beautiful beast and runs well. I can only run it on the straightaways. However, this is good motivation to upgrade those 18 inch curves to 22 and 24.


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            Here's a last entry from me, that I felt inspired to build at the end of this crazy year.

            This "Vollmer" plastic cathedral kit, which I modified the roof a bit and of course illuminated.

            Greg Shinnie


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              Up early, I'll make a slightly after-the-fact post.

              My 2020 modeling began with finishing a kit, a kitbash and a small scratchbuild I'd begun in 2019:

              Then I did railings and a platform canopy for Bexley Depot, and kitbashed a background building for the Depot Sq. area:

              By May I'd mostly finished scratchbuilding the 28 Winter St. house and detailed a gas station scene in Bexley:

              Then commitments to farming, track work and the 2020 NER convention started to ramp up so all I did was my camera car:

              Track work didn't end till the 2nd week of December (lucky the weather allowed it too) so all my layout has to show for 3rd and 4th quarter is progress on a boxcar and the 32 Winter St. house.


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                Well, 2021 has arrived and it is time to start the first Photo Gallery of the new year.

                Many thanks to all who visited the December Gallery to either post or just view the content.