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The Gallery: Dec. 2020 "Modeling Year In Review"

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  • The Gallery: Dec. 2020 "Modeling Year In Review"

    It is time to open the December Photo Gallery. This will be our 14th Annual ‘modeling review’ - a showcase of what we have accomplished at the modeling bench or on the layout in 2020.

    Photos showing any modeling work you've done over the past year are welcome: structures, rolling stock, vehicles, motive power, scenery work, track work, layout construction - all are appropriate!

    As we did the past four years, we will include another category to the mix. Feel free to add your favorite photo(s) that you took during 2020 even if the subject of the photo was not built during the year or was on someone else's layout or diorama.

    Okay, then, let’s see what you have accomplished or what photos you have taken in the crazy Covid year of 2020!

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    The first project that I worked on in 2020 was one of the last structure kits that Walt produced: The Green Valley Pump House.

    The finished project.

    I used the cosmetic sponge technique that I saw Chuck (wvrr) use in an NMRA clinic to do the brick walls. I made a short YouTube video to further share the technique.


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      This is a modified Intermountain reefer kit with cardstock sides, printed by my printer.

      The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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        Still a beautiful job, George!


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          I had a good year, built two structures and finished a locomotive.


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            I kitbashed a ventilated boxcar kit. I changed the sides and top.

            The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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              Well, as mentioned, it takes all day to get nothing done. I found the Doodlebug kitbash (Art Curren article, 2/79 "MR") in The Stash awhile back, finally got it running again, added a decoder and sound, and then obtained and kitbashed a suitable coach for a trailer. Long process, often very frustrating, but once the thirty-plus years of oxidation were removed from the ancient Athearn wheels, this worked. Freelance HO railroad....

              And there is more on the bench and the railroad, languishing awaiting attention.


              in Michigan


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                For me, 2020 will have been a prosperous year under construction.

                To know:

                A Surry Parker

                Two tent housing

                A Big Wheels

                A Wind mill

                A Buckboard



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                  Some wonderful modeling being displayed here forum members already!

                  Great stuff guys!

                  I built a bunch of various smaller vehicle & truck kits during the COVID-19 lockdown this year.

                  I posted each one of them in the Vehicle & Non-Rail transportation Modeling thread.

                  I decided to post them all in a group shot to make it easier than posting them individually, so here they are.

                  I also built this "Woodland Scenics" Machine shop kit, and illuminated it.

                  Greg Shinnie


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                    I made two swayback cars inspired by John Allen. This is the first one.

                    I learned a few things from the first car and then built this one.

                    The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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                      In a 'normal' year I will visit 12-15 layouts and take many hundreds of of photos during those visits. This year was anything but normal. I visited exactly one this year before Covid shut everything down. That one, however, was spectacular. I will share a few of my favorite photos in this Gallery from that February visit to the Suncoast Center for Finescale Modeling.



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                        I'll try harder next year.

                        Take the red pill


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                          It's been a relatively slow year for me, volume wise. I started 2020 finishing a 2019 project.


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                            Haven't really accomplished much due to health issues'. I did a few small projects. Scratch built ART Deco radio station. Figures are the Model U from Great Britain, Actual modeled humans posing. Painting required.

                            Here is a small kit from Rusty Rails.

                            Here is the Ameria-Town, challenge, from Rich'Beau'.

                            ANd last one this year, Otto & Blanch' Dave Lull front, remainder is scratched... ALso painted lot's of figures from GB..

                            I just realized I did more than I thought'.. I have a few others I'll post later'..

                            Some tremendous material being posted by members'.. nice'[^]



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                              I completed two scratch projects in HO scale this past year....

                              Great Lakes Lighthouse

                              Chesapeake and Ohio Combination Office/Depot