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Building A 1888 Baldwin 2-6-0 in Z

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  • Building A 1888 Baldwin 2-6-0 in Z

    Hi All,

    I started building my CNE power last year, but stoped to build the camelback. Since I posted the camelback, I wanted to post the 2-6-0 as well.

    First up is #2, a Baldwin 2-6-0 built in 1888.

    I started with a Marklin loco and cut, filed and chopped to get the correct proportions.

    I then made some parts from aluminum, such as the cab roof and raised area of the boiler.

    I have a lot of cast details that were made by London Bridge for Rogue Locomotive works for the masters my dad was creating. I have added those in the last picture.

    The gas headlight in the last picture was created in Illustrator, exported to Solidworks, and then grown in a Formlabs machine at work.

    I still have to create railings, piping, and the tender.


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    looking great

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