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structures on the LP-and-N RR vol. 5

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  • That looks great, Bob!


    • Bob,
      Wow! Looks even better in the light of day. Great job!



      • Well done Bob! Thanks for sharing the build.


        • Fantastic model, Bob. One of my favorites.

          And I remember you showing me the case of airplane models you showed me. It impressed and interested me as much as your railroad models.

          One would definitely need lots of yellow paint if modeling that period. But how interesting seeing and learning about the development of military planes.


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          • Pete, Bill, Ray, Scott, Carl, and Mike, thanks for your nice posts.

            Pete - that shot was of Charlie when he was going into the store.

            Here he is coming out and waiting for Larry to get the car.

            Click image for larger version

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            • Most excellent! Nicely done, Bob!!! Shop local!!!

              in Michigan


              • Hey Bob, I just got home from our cottage last night, and was happy to see that you were able to get some nice looking outdoor photos of your wonderful Northport Hobbies.
                Looks like Charlie & Larry are going to keep themselves busy building models for the summer.
                I can't believe that little Joey still hasn't convinced his mother to buy what he wants.
                Bill must be tired by now from hearing little Joey's pleas to his mother.
                With all of the wonderful models you have built & shared with us over the years, this has to be one of my favorites!
                So thanks for sharing it with us, and for bringing back wonderful memories of hobby shops in our past!



                • Beautiful!!


                  • thanks for posting about the prior 4 volumes, which I really want to access . I entered the to no avail. How do I bring up the previous 4 volumes?. Thanks


                    • Bob, Looks like you were ahead of the curve yet again!! Just got the June issue of RMC and page 10 is a full page ad for a coming soon "new" Woodland Scenics "Built & Ready" model of Toy & Hobby Junction... in N, HO and O. The two photos show an uncanny, but superficial, resemblance to your Northport Hobbies.

                      The building itself is the recycled DPM Birdie's Tavern/Sully's Tavern and the interior looks like it is printed paper like "Roomettes" that is folded and installed...
                      Yours is in a whole'nother class, but thought you get a smile from a peek at it: https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscen...ow/item/BR5874


                      • Pete, Greg, Fred, David, and Bill, thanks for the nice comments, they are all appreciated.

                        Bill - thanks for the link.

                        David, the problem is that the addressing changed when they brought up the new version of this forum, any references with the old addresses do not work.

                        Here are the new addresses: (all the same except for the node number)

                        vol.2 27195
                        vol.3 33259
                        vol.4 36712
                        vol.5 40549
                        paper ship model 39123

                        There were a few other short ones but I do not remember the addresses.

                        The big problem is that for vol.1 and vol.2, all the photos are missing. I do not know the fix for this,
                        perhaps one of the moderators can help you.

                        If I can be of further help my email is

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                        • Bob, Although I have been absent a number of weeks, I see great models being constructed, and this one is superbly done.
                          Beautiful work, and memories of visiting hobby shops in my youth. Thanks for sharing with us.



                          • I've missed this impressive hobby shop build, Bob. Your interior detail work is awesome.

                            Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


                            • Rich and George, thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

                              The next thing I want to post will not be a long how-to, just a few shots of a project I have wanted to do
                              for quite some time. It involves using something in one scale on another scale railroad. There is a company
                              called miniprints that makes and sells all sorts of detail parts that are 3-d printed and that includes many
                              North American wild animals. I have been tempted to buy one that represents a bald eagle with it's wings
                              outspread. Now they only make details in HO and O gauge scales and I work in G or for me, 1/24 scale.

                              It occurred to me that maybe I could use that 1/48 scale eagle as a 1/24 scale hawk so I ordered one.

                              All the bird books list the red tailed hawk with a wingspan of 4 to 4 1/2 feet and when the model
                              arrived, it's windspan as exactly 2 inches, 4 feet in my scale !! perfect.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	1 eagle lower.JPG
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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	2 eagle upper.JPG
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                              Here's what it looked like, top and bottom.





                              • You've got my attention!