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structures on the LP-and-N RR vol. 5

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  • Bob, not much help for the rigging, but thought you'd enjoy a shot of the Friendship Sloop, Estella A. taken today at Mystic Seaport. She's in the shed for a bit of work.

    Here's a little history:


    • Bill,

      Nice picture and bio!



      • Pete, Bill, and Scott, thanks for your input !!

        I am just about finished with the mast, boom, and gaff and am looking forward to some

        rigging. I see two problems right away.

        1, the rigging cordage supplied with the kit is unusable in my opinion. It is a ghastly

        color and WAY TOO THICK. I cannot imagine anyone selecting this cord to be used to rig

        this kit or almost any other. I have lots of scale rope on hand.

        2. I think the cast turnbuckles are useless too. one end has to be drilled out to form a

        loop but the piece is so narrow that if you drill the hole large enough for the rigging to

        pass through it would break out one side or the other.

        The other end is a cast hook that is so weak it has to bend or break from the tension of

        the attached rigging. My solution was to make my own using a nice strong brass wire formed

        with a loop on one end and a hook on the other. The body is two small pieces of aluminum

        tubing one inside the other, the inner piece a bit longer than the outer to give the stepped

        down look of the original.



        • Pretty good sized boat for a one man operation. Wonder how many of them never got home. This old salt wouldn't sign up for that duty.

          Take the red pill


          • I have been playing around with the new forum and while strange, it seems to be working. Since I had taken some photos
            of my build on the Friendship Sloop I think I will use them and post as if I were just doing the build now. Maybe that way I
            can get used to the new Forum.




            • Great to see you back Bob!


              • Bob!! Great to see you back posting on the forum!!! Keep at it!

                Some of us find we have to clear the forum cookies from our computer every day in order be able to log back on here again. Some members don't seem to need to do that, but if you do, don't quit - we're all in the same boat and it's perfect that your boat is a FRIENDship sloop


                • We'll all get through it soon enough Bob. New learning curve for sure, but looking forward to getting back to things.
                  Like Bill stated clear the forum cookies. I had the same issues, I use Windows 10, now I click on clear history after every Forum visit, and it seems to clear out all the cookies and kinks.

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                  • trying to post a photoClick image for larger version  Name:	26 hull details.JPG Views:	4 Size:	53.4 KB ID:	962895
                    Here was the hull with some added details including the traveler at the stern and the bowsprit at the bow.
                    The instructions call for he installation of the trail boards and gluing on paper scrollwork. I made decals
                    instead of using the paper.

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                    • Click image for larger version

Name:	27 all parts.JPG
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ID:	962897

                      Here are the blocks plus the mast, boom, and gaff, all
                      ready to install. The home made turnbuckles are also in place.




                      • Hello Bob. Good to have you back. I had heard you were having some issues, but looks like you've sorted things out. If you have further problem please persevere, and remember help is never far away.

                        The boat looks stunning. Really nice details. Looking forward to your continued build. Well done mate.
                        Regards Rob

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                        My current build.



                        • Click image for larger version

Name:	28 mainsail.JPG
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ID:	962979

                          Here's the main sail installed. I have studied sailing ships all my life and have made over 100 ship models so you would think that a simple kit would
                          not teach me anything, but this one did. In the past on every model that had sails I laid out the sail on cloth and had my wife sew them for me. The instructions
                          in this kit had you lightly stretching out the sail material on a flat surface (I used a sheer of styrene) and taping it in place. Then the cloth was painted with a
                          mixture of 50% water and 50% white glue which made a nice flat stiff material. The sail was then drawn on the material but remember, I did not have the plan drawing
                          at that time so I hade to judge the size and shape from the spars. It turns out that I came very close. Narrow strips of the cloth material was cut and glued in place
                          to make the edgings and seams.

                          A few photos in the instruction book showed cringles (grommets) wherever the lines passed through the sails but no mention of them is in the instructions. I made these
                          by punching out small discs from thin white styrene sheet, gluing them to the sail at the proper places, and drilling through the sail and cringles at each center.

                          All the reef points were added (the short pieces of line that are on both sides of the sail that can be tied together around the boom to make the sail smaller).

                          Then I lashed the sail to the boom and gaff and added all the associated rigging including the fore and aft stays and main sheet




                          • Excellent work Bob.


                            • Carl, thanks for your post.

                              I have subscribed to several forums here and they do show the word "subscribed" highlighted but it used to be that whenever a post was made to such a forum
                              the subscriber would received an email telling him about the post. That does not seem to be working. Anyone now what I need to do?




                              • Bob,

                                I'm still learning myself, but in your Profile, User settings, then Notifications tab, do all these check marks appear?

                                Here's a screen shot:

                                Click image for larger version

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