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structures on the LP-and-N RR vol. 5

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    Looking forward to this one, Bob! Thanks for starting Volume 5!


    in Michigan


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      Awesome! That's a beautiful building.


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        I found a page that has recent posts from the owner of the house. You might be able to ask them for additional photos:


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          Pete and Ray, thanks for posting.

          Ray, those are the photos I started with years ago, thanks. For what I need I don't

          want to bother the building owner.

          I have been thinking a lot about this project (read that as way too much).

          I guess that modeling too much of the sides would result in a very large project, much

          more than my requirements. What I think I will do is compromise and model back to the

          main ridge-line. That will still be a very big model but eliminate a lot of unneeded volume.

          I am still in the planning stage but I can see some details that I will need a large

          number of so those are candidates for rubber molds and resin casting. So far I have turned

          wooden masters for the railing balusters and the main columns. I have also started work on

          those large corbels.



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            I have thought about your suggestion and I did email the young lady, introduced myself, and asked about additional photos of the cottage.




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              You've picked a beautiful house, I look forward to following your project!

              Modelling the side walls to the main ridge-line rather than just 1" deep will keep the overall look intact, which is really nice.


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                What a beautiful house. I'm sure you will do it justice!

                Great to see Volume 5 under way with such a nice subject to start it.

                "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                  Whatever you do, Bob, I'm sure it will be fantastic.


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                    Deal me in on this one. :up:

                    Take the red pill


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                      As always your projects are a joy to behold, and this one will surely be a gem!

                      Thanks, count me in.



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                        Thanks for your posts Mark, Mike, and Greg.

                        While trying to get set up for Christmas amid the CORVID19 epidemic my model building time has

                        been very limited. On top of that I have been doing a lot of planning for this project which

                        does not make for very interesting posts to the forum. As is usual for me, my first

                        steps are to keep checking the photo to see what parts will be needed in numbers so that

                        I can make masters for casting in resin.

                        Here are the masters for the main posts (turned wood) and the balusters for the porch rails (turned wood) and some of the parts for the large corbels.

                        I am also working on the parts for the scroll work and the urns. I have not received an

                        answer to my request for more photos so it looks like the model will be limited to what can be seen in the photos I already have and a small bit of dream engineering.




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                          Bob, this is already "turning" out neat with just these first few pieces


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                            Bob, just one question, does the Blond come with the house????



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                              Bill, thanks for the input !!!

                              Ted, I don't know, she did not answer my email




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                                Thanks for your posts Anna-Carin, Jerry, Fred, Jim, and Rich, much appreciated.

                                I kept trying to visualize this structure so that I could plan future walls etc.and it

                                turned out to be a real blast. The main photo is pretty good for the front walls but no

                                good for any others because the camera was at a relatively low angle and it covers and

                                distorts all the setbacks and roofs of which there are many. Every time I would get the

                                roofs in my mind I would check the partial right side view I have and they would not

                                match up. If I got everything aligned in my mind of the side view, moving back to the

                                front nothing matched up again. I decided to lay out a footprint and I cannot tell you how

                                many times I corrected that or started over again.

                                This is what I have come up with and that is a model only going back as deep as the main roof

                                ridge-line. Even cutting it down that much that footprint measures 19.5 x 11 inches. I

                                did not want it that big but there it is.

                                There is a good chance it will change again.