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A bit of a conundrum....

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  • A bit of a conundrum....

    Hi all!

    I have put myself in a bit of a problem...

    The cost of HOn3 is skyrocketing due to the loss of Blackstone's manufacturing.

    I mean $850 for a locomotive and over $100 for a boxcar....

    As it happens I'm the lucky guy that's going to sell off a huge On30 collection, and I'm going to get some of those for myself.

    So, should I liquidate my HOn3 layout and go all O scale?

    I have 12 HOn3 locomotives and a lot of cars.

    The On30 material is way cheaper and a lot easier to make run good....

    I really don't know....
    Michael Graff

    "Deo Adjuvante Labor Proficit"

    Swedish custom model builder.

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    I vote for On30 if you have room to do what you want to do.


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      From my perspective, it would depend a lot on what I wanted to model in narrow gauge. On30 goes around tight curves, but you'll have room for fewer cars. And substantial structures take up a lot of room in O.