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Late and Greatest News regarding Deltang receivers

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  • Late and Greatest News regarding Deltang receivers

    Sorry if the Header seems a bit misleading.

    I recently started wiring a few of my LGB porters.

    After trying Tam Valley receivers with Airwire Transmitter in my Bachmann On30 Porters I found Tam Valley just doesn't work quite like it should.

    I canned that idea and switched all of my loco's to Deltang.

    On the Bachmann porters I have installed Deltang RX47 receivers connected to super small 1/2aaa batteries equaling 7.2 volts.

    All jammed into the cab.

    I have one Bachmann Climax done the same way.

    The LGB Porters are geared with Deltang RX65 and Rx066 Receivers.

    I've got 2 live steamer G scale also that have Del Tang RX102 Receivers

    Unfortunately Deltang has now discontinued the receivers due to no inventory of the chips used to produce their wonderful product.

    Tha good News is it appears that Micron Radio control is attempting to take up where Del Tang is leaving off.

    We certainly hope they will be successful in their endeavor.

    I personally feel the Deltang product is a good one and it should live on for the railroad side of things too.

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    From what I gather, Deltang will still continue to produce receivers for RC Air vehicles.

    No worries there for flyboys.


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      That's good news. I got started with Deltang on Freerails Forum. David joined there and demoed his R/C equipment. One thing I didn't like was the fact that he was a one man show. I do have several of his receivers and love them. My idea of using his receivers is to use A/C current on the tracks and use an onboard rectifier to give proper voltage for the receivers. I guess I'll go ahead with my idea now knowing somebody will take over.

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