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    Welcome to the Blackrock Canyon RR

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    Henry Perkins, showed me a way to post my pictures of the Blackrock Canyon RR; this is my latest version of the old Grizzly & Dilapidated Ry after the move to new location.


    Originally posted by kyle creel

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      Congrats on the photo posting. :up:

      Great looking scenery and RR.


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        This is the train room.

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        ...and some more shots of the layout

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          Good to see another layout. I'm interested in your backdrops.


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            Very nice. How long have you been working on it? It’s looking very realistic. I like the rugged look of the scenery.


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              The backdrop has 2 panels (walls); the one with the river is 4'tall and 13'6" long. The other one is 4' by 20' long. This is my second backdrop; the other was my first attempt at painting anything. I could always draw pretty well, but never painted. This backdrop was started on memorial day last year with my best friend Mark and was done with acrylics for the sky, and CRUDE mountain forms in different shades of brown to give me a rough idea of distance and overall horizon. John Allen said to keep the horizon at or above eye level. This time I decided to try pastels. Once again I have never done anything using anything but a pencil; but what the heck, if I mess it up I'll paint over it. So with Mark as my eyes and critic I started at the far end of the 20' side and worked my way around making it up as I went along. It took me from labor day last year till just after xmas; with October taken off to get the center peninsula (4x8) track up and running. The 4x8 section and the corner section with the bridge over the river were salvaged from the old layout. So I was able to re-use them. I was actually surprised that the track work held up; as it was all hand laid. So all in all I've been at it since memorial day 2019. Next week I'll install the dirt around the last few feet of track and then add ballast. I still have a 50" deep canyon (all the way to the floor) to finish plastering, and then I'll start adding the rock details. I left it looking desolate and unforgiving so as to create the impression that you are somewhere where you don't want to screw up and get lost or hurt. Lots left to do.......Thanx for the kind words; I have dozens of pics but am still having trouble getting them to post. It ain't over till the lady of abundant girth waxes melodic!!!!!!! KYLE


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                Nice work! The backdrops add distance without stealing the show.


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                  Thanx Bill. This part of the backdrop is the setting for my version of a "Devils Gulch"; it's called 'Hell's Gate'. One of the pic's that I'm having trouble posting is a later shot with the Warren Truss Deck Bridge spanning the gulch


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                    Great stuff!



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                      Your friend has a good eye for the backdrop mountains and the shadowing, YOU know how to pick your friends. Excellent!

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                        Hi Kyle, Glad you got the Forum photo loading procedure worked out, as we have obviously been missing out on a lot of your stunning work.

                        The backdrops look excellent.

                        Looking forward to your continuing progress.
                        Regards Rob

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                          Thanx; Mark is indeed a keen eye. I had no idea it would be so much fun doing a backdrop until I tried pastels. There's something about chalk that somehow made the drawing, shading, shadowing, and overall creating a "place" seem more fluid and natural. I can't really describe how, but somehow it just flowed onto the walls until what you see is what came out of my fingers. Sometimes now when I look at it from across the room, it almost seems like it's someplace you could actually BE. I made a short video with the trains running; and when I watched it, I could sort of feel myself being there. Boy THAT sounds weird!!!!!!!! Anyhow thanx again for all the comments, it's how I learn if what I'm doing is making any sense to anyone; or me. KYLE


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                            Very nice. Love the backdrop


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                              Great looking RR. The backdrop sure adds to it.


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