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  • Thanx Phillip

    Here's a couple of shots with the first bit of color. I haven't got the complete image in my head yet, but this is it so far...

    Download Attachment:


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    Download Attachment: 006kc.jpg
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    I've also begun the process of re-coloring the canyon to match the new Mt. Wilson; more to come....

    Download Attachment: 010ckc.jpg
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    Download Attachment: 007kc.jpg
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    • Nice work Kyle.
      Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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      • Some really nice land forms you are creating there, Kyle.

        Cheers, Mark.


        • Thanx RICK

          Thanx MARK

          Here is a few shots of the canyon with a couple o' trees that sprouted.....

          Download Attachment:


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          Download Attachment: 019kc.jpg
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          Download Attachment: 027kc.jpg
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          ...Well that's about it for now. Thanx 'agin' fer stoppin' by....




          • Kyle very nice work!! Your ability to blend foreground and background together is truly amazing; can't tell where one stops and the other starts.
            Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


            • Very nice!


              • I agree with what Larry said.

                Very nicely done!
                Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                FaceBook link:


                • Thanx Larry,

                  Thanx Tyson.

                  Thanx Rick,

                  Happy New Year to all. Now let's add a 'bout th' 10:15 local makin' the whistle stop at MULE to pick up hikers.

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                  Download Attachment: 005kc.jpg
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                  Download Attachment: 007kc.jpg
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                  Download Attachment: 009kc.jpg
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                  Sometimes a train makes all the difference...

                  Thanx agin'

                  KYLE CREEL

                  SUPT./G.M. BCRR


                  • Yes it does. I like your scenery technics. It makes me look forward to start the scenery on mine.


                    • Hey fellas it's been a while since I posted any progress shots, so here goes.

                      First a shot of the nearly finished scenery/wall transition with the road/trail from the stop at Mule (where you can rent a mule) leading off to Jarvis Flats' fishing spot 25 miles away.

                      Download Attachment: 028kcrsd.jpg
                      96.37 KB

                      Next, I went back to Mr.John Allens' playbook, and hung a temporary backdrop; a blue sheet in this case, to see what photos would look like and to hide all the tools hanging on the garage wall.

                      Download Attachment: 034kcrsd.jpg
                      86.77 KB

                      Now here's the shots...

                      Download Attachment: 033kcrsd.jpg
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                      Download Attachment: 001kcrsd.jpg
                      77.03 KB

                      Now for some shots of the canyon upgrade. I carved some cliff face outcroppings out of regular old beaded styrofoam, (it was the more dense type) 'liquid nailed' them in place and added some color ('cause I can't stand the white)...

                      Download Attachment: 010kcrsd.jpg
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                      Download Attachment: 011kcrsd.jpg
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                      Download Attachment: 012kcrsd.jpg
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                      Download Attachment: 020kcrsd.jpg
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                      Download Attachment: 019kcrsd.jpg
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                      I'll be adding more of these, (it only took 1 and a half hours) to the rest of the canyon walls. They will all still get a coat of plaster once they're all in place and then the final color.


                      • Kyle, the vista is terrific. I am glad the snow outcropping melted. ~mike
                        O scale builds: Choctaw Lumber Kitchen, Dining Room, and Buffalo Canyon RR Caboose


                        • Kyle,

                          You're rockin'it! Boy do you do rock work well. Nice trees too.



                          • Thanx Mike,

                            Thanx Scott,

                            I'm fixin' to add some more rockwork in the next couple of days, and then plaster the tunnel portal in Ft. Compton; which, by the way lost one old bldg., added 2 new ones, and saw the re-configuring of the towns' layout. Pics still

                            to come....

                            Kyle Creel

                            Supt./G.M. BCRR


                            • I just couldn't help m'self... spent about another hour doin' rocks; or "strocks" (styrofoam rocks). Here's the evidence Yer Honor!...

                              That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!

                              Download Attachment: 011ckcrsd.jpg
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                              Download Attachment: 008kcrsd.jpg
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                              Download Attachment: 010kcrsd.jpg
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                              Download Attachment: 001kcrsd.jpg
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                              Download Attachment: 003kcrsd.jpg
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                              Download Attachment: 002kcrsd.jpg
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                              Well yer Honor, I swear that's th' way it happened; "I'm a victim uh coicumstance"...and "I trow myself on the moicy of th' court"...

                              Kyle Creel

                              Supt./G.M. BCRR


                              • Kyle, nice work. :up:
                                Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                                FaceBook link: