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Thursday Evening Pre-Holiday Open-Deck Lounge

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  • Thursday Evening Pre-Holiday Open-Deck Lounge

    Goooooood Evening, All! [:-bigmouth]

    It's around 90 outdoors, the temps indoors here in the northern mitten were HO (that's 87.5) about a half hour ago, so It's time to open the deck to socially distancing and contemplating the joys of the day. I have a local red on the counter, there's a local white in that cooler, the tub has canned beverages of various sorts icing down, and there are various citrus slices and other accoutrements on the wall shelf.

    Sunset will be laced with Sahara Sand, which should produce some interesting colors, and we have a partial moon eclipse coming in late on Saturday. So what's everyone up to this fine evening??

    I had some parts arrive for a locomotive re-motoring project today, and will get at them when things are a tad cooler indoors.

    Haul up a chair, make sure your mask is On and enjoy the evening!


    in Michigan

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    Good evening Pete and the same to anyone who enters the lounge.

    I'll take a sip of the white with some fruit and cheese, Pete.

    It is 81 degrees here in S.E. Michigan as we approach 8 p.m. It is pleasant sitting out on the porch this time of day. Pesky insects are at a minimum. The dry weather has helped in that regard.

    I got a few hours in at the modeling bench today, but got tired of gluing individual wood strips on the roof of the barn that I'm building. I will get back to that project tomorrow.

    Enjoy the rest of the evening!


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      Evening, Pete, Bruce and crew. We went out to the York River Oyster Company for dinner. They have a nice outdoor covered deck where we feel comfortable.

      We have a yellow jacket nest in our front yard, so I set a trap for them this evening. We'll see how effective it is. I don't want to get near the nest!

      My model railroad activities were limited to cutting a bunch of PCB ties.

      See y'all tomorrow.

      With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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        An adult beverage will be very welcome, but first I'm going to shower: long, hot afternoon at Seashore digging up and attempting to shift uncooperative ties, drive home, dinner, then an on-line meeting. My thirst is such that I'll sit way over there, downwind so my frequent sips won't threaten anyone else. Kennebunkport had the most tourists I've seen this year, and maybe 1 in 5 were masked. Alternate route next time. Things were much better where we stopped for ice cream.


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          Good evening. I am back out on my deck as I had to abandon them around noon as the breeze stopped. Thanks Pete for opening this evening and unfortunately for me I will have a cold water. No booze and now the doc says no sugar free sodas until after my visit next week. That’s ok, a good book, a good chair and nice company I won’t even notice the water I’m drinking.



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            Let's see... I installed the 2 lines of LED lights, sprayed a coat on the factory I'm working on. First half was done with a cheap double action, the second half wth my Iwata expensive double action. Iwata worked better, but I'm still not happy with the results. Then I read some, watched some TV, and did my usual Friday evening updates to the retirement accounts. Just another day in retirement :-)

            Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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              I've been beavering away at a motor change for an ancient Athearn SW-7 preparatory to installing a decoder and sound, This is taking my usual umpteen weeks, additional materials, out-of-the-comfort zone hand milling I've not done before and so on, but there is an outside chance that I may win this one.

              Just found out that well-known Connecticut modeler Bob Collett passed away today, so please hoist a glass to a true Gentleman, craftsman and all-around Good Guy. I learned a lot from him, but will never be blessed with his skills. His Huntington & Hartford graced the hobby press on several occasions, and his modules were always sources of public interest at the "Springfield Show" in Massachusetts in January. Great guy. Rest in Peace, Bob. Rest in Peace. [:-angel]

              Stay safe, folks!


              in Michigan


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                Just came up from the cave where I ran the gamut of tools. Drill, holesaw. sabre saw, Bosch Sonicrafter, Dremel cutuff wheel, Weller soldering station, hammer, chisel, and palm sized trim router. I ended 15 years of aggravation with the layout. Tomorrow the new trackwork begins. Never had to use the Sawzall. I'll take a double. Thanks!

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