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    Good morning and where is Jim? It is a bright sunny steamy morning on the deck in So. Central Wisconsin. I could use a fan out here.

    The coffee is the quarantined special, Ashpit, an old favorite that this non coffee drinker can make with no issues. The k-cups are on the serving line along with the various teas, sodas and water. Breakfast is a sandwich, English muffin, maple glazed ham, Wisconsin cheese wonderfully melted and a drizzle of Optional hollandaise.

    It may hit 90, we may get locally severe T-storms and the forecast is like this for the next 7 days. Enjoy your day.


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    Good morning, Tom. The NH seacoast is overcast and damp, expected to continue that way till Thursday. I'm paying bills, but later I'll get back to work on the layout. I figured out an electrical trick I've never seen written up, so RR-Line will see its first publication.


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      Mornin' All!

      77, headed north of 90 and humid here in the northern mitten today. [:-hot] [:-hot] [:-hot] And the sunshine has an interesting grey tint to it, reminiscent of a solar eclipse. This is the Sahara Desert, or at least part of it, on its 2020 COVID tour around the world.

      Allergy shots today, bills to pay and so on, with more than enough heat and hum-diddy to go around. Bleah. Made some "progress" on repainting a switcher yesterday, and now need to make some tough decisions on whether or not the paint color from the rattle can is close enough to what I want to be useful. Decisions, decisions!

      Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!


      in Michigan


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        HAzy sun and glowing heat, going to shoot for the moon today approaching upper 80s with several 90s throughout the next several days. We have a full moon this weekend, occurring just after midnight July 4, actually 5th ~12:44am.

        No riots or disruptions going on today so it’s back to 24 hours wall to wall virus. Some uptick in MI leading our headmistress to surely reassert herself in some manner later today. Here, we’re planning tomorrow’s trip back up the middle fickle finger of the mitten to our place for 5-6 days, hoping to miss the upbound and downward traffic upticks for the holiday. Traffic going N last week as we were headed S was horrendous in the Northern half of the state. I’ve been told, ER...It’s been suggested, that we should take the off beat 2 lane most of the way...we’ll see. “But it’s up to you...”

        The son called, he’s arranged for a tow on the boat anchor in the barn....looking for the hook to arrive. He’s picked up yet another, nicest one I’ve ever, ever, even working for a Jeep shop for 5 years have ever seen as nice......let's hope. No repairs here anymore.

        Well, things to do, little as possible, need to rearrange some tools and things to take tomorrow and a trip to town for supplies. Soon as I see the Jeep leaving...

        Everyone be safe, be well, stay sane.

        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

        Cedar Swamp
        SW of Manistique, MI

        Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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          Good morning Tom and the rest of the crew. It is in the 70's under sunny skies here in S.E. Michigan. We will hit the upper 80's later today. In fact, that is pretty much what we will be getting for the next 8 days.

          I got some modeling in yesterday and hope to get more in later today.

          Have a great day!


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            Good afternoon, Tom and crew. We've been running errands all morning. We started with the old folks hour at Costco and went from there. It's in the upper 80's and sunny in Tidewater Virginia, so I'm looking for excuses not to do any outdoor chores this afternoon. Maybe some 1:87 trackwork later.

            Have a good day.

            With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.