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walk-around DC throttle experiences?

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  • jbvb
    I use an ancient Aristo-Craft "Train Engineer" for the DC side of my layout's power. But it seems that current Train Engineer products have a radio throttle and a control module that goes inside battery-powered large scale locomotive. FleaBay might be a source.

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  • deemery
    started a topic walk-around DC throttle experiences?

    walk-around DC throttle experiences?

    The last week or so I've seen a couple mentions of walk-around throttles produced by small companies (as opposed to MRC :-) )

    Does anyone have experience with any of these? I want to drive a single small HOn30 loco at a time (mostly built on N scale mechanisms), with the ability to unplug the throttle from one location, move to another location, plug the throttle back in, and carry on.

    At least some of these throttles use sophisticated techniques to get low speed performance. I vaguely remember hearing that some of the waveform shaping approaches work OK on larger motors but can cause problems (including melt-downs) on small motors.

    Thanks in advance!