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  • Memorial Day Breakfast

    Good morning all. I just listened to to the beautiful 'My favorite song' posted by Karl. Thank you for that. Today is a day of remembrance of ordinary human beings that gave up their lives in battle. It is not about sales of everything from mattresses to milkshakes. Honor the fallen.

    The coffee urn is READY with Goldstar blend today. The special is #1. Hot and humid here yesterday, and a repeat for today.

    I never got to the modeling bench yesterday, but will take a break from playing outside today. Some reading and a lot of software is on today's agenda.

    Have a Super and solemn day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning and Happy Memorial Day to you Jim and everyone else who stops in today. I agree, everyone should take some time today to honor those who proudly served our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Enjoy the day, but don't forget the reason for it.

    Yesterday was a gray rainy day so I spent most of it downstairs. I've been working on scenery in the yard area, so made a lot of progress on that. No big plans today so I hope to make it down there again and get some more done.

    Have a great day everyone!


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      Good morning Jim.

      I did nothing yesterday but read some books.

      Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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        Good morning Crew. It was supposed to be a miserable wet day but so far it’s very nice and none of the rain % are above 54. Who knows but it didn’t rain overnight either. We shall see how the weather unfolds. Thanks Jim for starting this day off. MarkF good to see you back. Dave, a good morning to you too sir, I hope the books are interesting. Everyone have a great day, remember why this Day is celebrated.



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          Good morning, Jim and crew. You're right, Jim, it's a day to remember our ordinary heroes.

          It's a cool overcast day in Tidewater Virginia. I have to make a run to get some meds this morning. I have a couple outdoor chores to do, after that, no idea what I'll be doing.

          Have a good day.

          With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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            Good morning from S.E. Michigan where we have a mix of sun and clouds with temps heading up into the 80's with high humidity.

            The 12 cu. yds. of mulch that I had delivered last week is now down to about 3 yards left. I think that I'll take a break from spreading that for a few days as cooler weather will return mid-week.

            I will mow the lawn today, however.

            We had some nice steaks on the grill last night. I think we will grill up some Coney Dogs for dinner tonight.

            It was good to see Mark checking in from Jersey.

            Have a great day!


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              Good morning Jim and crew it's 81 and sunny here in SE Ohio no breakfast just Decaf for me. I'm headed to Morgantown for my battery to be installed early tomorrow have to be there at 5am surgery at 7am outpatient. then wait about 4 wks. to turn on the battery and adjust it. that will be the last of the surgery and hope to have better life about 90 percent tremor free

              that's all folks stay safe



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                For my uncles, whom I never met, because they never made it back.

                For all those brave Americans, those who never made it back. Keeping the memory of your sacrifice alive.

                Rest in peace.
                Home of the HOn3 North Coast Railroad, along the shores of Lake Ontario.


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                  Thank you to all who served, thank you for the freedoms they protected...let us not give them up.

                  Another version of what really has become a favorite

                  Back in the Southern portion of our state after reminding ourselves of those freedoms the last few days.

                  Prayers for all in harms way.
                  Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                  Cedar Swamp
                  SW of Manistique, MI

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                    1/2 a bagel, a cup of tea, some bacon on some garlic bread.....

                    Been out to wrap up moving my MiL's stuff from her apartment to ship to her condo in FL......all done but the stuff that needs a truck... :erm:

                    Hit the grocery store on the flip side of that trip.....

                    A day in the home office broken up by shop time, and some time in the garage refinishing a modestly old machinist's tool box I traded for last year. Had been stripping paint off 2 brass gons and figured while I'm set up just keep on with the paint stripped and lacquer thinner...

                    Bit gloomy and damp here, but supposed to brighten up in the afternoon. By then I'll be on the deck relaxing with a book.

                    BTW, what's anyone reading now?
                    In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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                      Originally posted by mwbpequod


                      BTW, what's anyone reading now?

                      Bedside, I started Robert Harris' "Munich", after finishing "Roman Conquests; The Danube Frontier" by Michael Schmitz. (Doesn't anyone edit academic writing these days? At least this was easier to read than Cambridge Ancient History essays.)

                      On the exercise machine, I'm reading the David Wagner "Rick Montoya" mysteries set in Italy. Like so many mysteries set in Europe, there's a lot of descriptions of food and wine, makes me hungry to read them :-) I need to find some more Space Opera series to start on the exercise machine (my usual fare on the elliptical). Some of the series I started just didn't grab me, and I really need -distraction- on the exercise machine!

                      Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)