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Walther's DCC turntables

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  • Walther's DCC turntables

    I'm wondering how many of you out there have one of the Walthers DCC turntables and your thoughts about them.

    As you may recall from my thread, I purchased on a few years back and installed it in my layout. While it is a bear to program, it ran fine for the past 4 years, but then one night during an op session, without warning, it just stopped! Well, I tinkered and did all the things you are supposed to do, but nothing. The control panel lit up and acknowledged commands, but no response at the turntable bridge. I checked and cleaned all contacts, etc., but nothing.

    I checked the internet to see if there was any information on this, but nothing. I even tried contacting Walthers in the hopes they could offer some help. After waiting for 4 weeks for a response, I finally got an email that said...


    Sorry to hear about the issues with the turntable. The 933-2850 was the

    second release of the turntables from Walthers. Walthers is currently on

    the third release of turntables. Unfortunately we no longer have the

    ability to repair the first and second generation of the turntables. The

    parts are no longer available. I wish I had better news.

    Thank You,

    Keith S.

    Product Support and Service

    Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.

    5601 W. Florist Ave.

    Milwaukee, WI 53218-1622

    So that was it! Basically, oh well, sorry but we cant' help you. Great customer support! So fortunately for me, I was able to obtain an older Walther's DC version that would fit in the same hole and replaced the entire turntable.

    Now I own a DCC turntable that is basically useless. I'm wondering if anyone else had a similar experience with theirs.