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  • GE__locos we have known...

    Hi to the group...

    Following Chris's lead on his great 'Alco Haulics Unanimus' thread, let's say we do a photo essay thread on General Electric locos.

    Anything goes...right from the diminutive 44 Tonner (or earlier) right up to the newest 'GEVO' brutes...

    So, hang on we go

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    Wierd stuff going on with this popup blocker...let's try this again[:-indifferent]

    I was on a thru freight at Camrose AB (45 miles SE of Edmonton). This little guy is ex-CN # 4...notice the 'number' boards. CN ordered these in the early 60's (not sure how many). Primarily used on the construction of CN's Great Slave Lake (GSL) Railway, then trucked to Kelowna BC, as a yard switcher. Stelco (now Camrose Pipe) purchased this unit in 1969, where it still works to this day.

    A pair of Dash 9-44CWL's departing Edmonton's McBain Intermodal Terminal with train 107 to Jasper, and eventually DeltaPort Vancouver BC.


    Check out the shiny new ES44DC on the point of intermodal train 104 at (where else?) Jasper Alberta. IIRC, this train goes to Toronto ON (Brampton Intermodal Terminal).Interesting to note this train has just traversed Yellowhead Pass from Kamloops BC through the heart of the Canadian rockies with only a single GEVO...


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      It was an early morning adventure in August 2004 when I left camp for a railfan trip to Exeter located in 100 Milehouse BC. I got to the small classification yard in front of the station and all was silent. Then a car pulled up and an engineer emerged. I spoke with him awhile as he was complaining about the rumours of the takeover of BC Rail by CN and that life will never be the same. He wondered down the tracks to his GE Unit (Blue Scheme for Mike H) and the starter turned it over.

      Wow..I thought I I was dreaming[:-hypnotized][:-hypnotized]. A GE plumin' smoke like an Alco.

      After a quick warmup the conductor arrived. I switched on my scanner and listened as they chatted about the next few hour's chores; sorting the rolling stock out for the north and south bound trains. Then she rolled forward and moved ever so slowly toward me. The black plumes were gone and she was ready for work.

      Passing back again to hook onto a string of cars, I crossed the main and settled in on a nice bench by the station and the switching and sorting began. It reminded me of the great time I always had switching cars on my timesaver back in Edmonton. The lighting was great. The morning air was still cool in the Caribou. Wow heaven.

      There is nothing better than taking photos of trains in the interior of British Columbia. GE's and all
      Chris Lyon


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        Ken, Another great idea for what will become a super thread. I really appreciate your trackside photos and those modern behemoths certainly deserve our attention! [:-bulb][:-bulb]

        Hey Chris...I really like those GE's in "The Blue Scheme". Geez, I thought you would've pencilled in "Boston and Maine" on the flanks of that puppy with photoshop before posting! 8D

        Well, the only GE's I have on my layout are two diminutive 44-tonners, one in the B&M black, red and white livery and the other in my own shortline, the "St. Clare & Northern" inspired by the Pinsly family lines. My buddy, Mike Mueller, painted the red St.C & N diesel and buggy for me.

        The picture above is perhaps one of my favourites taken from the layout. The St. Clare & Northern crew is outbound from North Dover as their train crosses the Salmon River. They departing New Hampshire and heading into the state of Maine.

        The crew has crossed into Maine and are near the junction with the Maine Central. The track to the left is in the process of being pulled up and the B&M 44-tonner is assigned to the work crew for the day.

        One thing is for sure, Ken & Chris...GE 44-tonners and New England go together hand in hand!
        Mike Hamer

        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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          Ok mike i guess the b&m grafitti guy is in bc.

          Chris Lyon


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            I find out from doing some more digging that CN had 6 GE 44 Tonners... Numbered from 1 to 6, with 1-4 delivered new in 1956. 5 and 6 were acquired from the Minnesota and St. Louis later on. IIRC, these were retired in 1969...Or is that 'Minneapolis and St. Louis'??

            Here's a different photo, courtesy of my friend Jim Spurway in Kelowna. Seems that # 4 was being shipped out on a flatcar. Neat modelling idea...

            Anybody have pics of 70 Tonners? I know CN used to have some on Prince Edward Island...


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              My confidence is restored in you, Chris... buddy, ol' pal!
              Mike Hamer

              Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                Alberta Railnet ex. Santa Fe SF30C Jasper AB:


                Ex. Conrail C32-8 now on the Savage Alberta Railway, Grande Prairie AB:


                Another C32-8, ex. CSX, in the Grande Prairie shop:


                -Trevor Sokolan


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                    Here are my HO scale 70 tonners, as operated on PEI:


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                      Here's one in Madison, SD at a place called Prairie Village, they use it on there little 1/2 mile of track for train rides.


                      Mike J


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                        Here are some pictures of the latest motive power to arrive on the Jersey Highlands RR. Walthers has these guys on sale thur April 30th for $39 (DCC Equipped). Among the offerings were three different paint schemes for Painted/Unlettered. I couldn't pass this up, since it it is the current Susquehanna scheme. (Of course, the Susie Q never had a 70 tonner and this was not the paint scheme during the time period when this GE unit might have been purchased, but what the heck? It will soon be lettered for the Susquehanna none-the-less.)

                        BTW, it runs smoother and quieter than an older generation Bachman 70 ton undec that I have laying around.



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                          2 NS GEs burbles through Bucyrus,Ohio.


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                            Big GEs

                            New GEs

                            Foreign GEs

                            Fancy GEs

                            Old GEs

                            GEs in the FOG

                            and off the path GEs

                            GREEN GEs

                            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                            Cedar Swamp
                            SW of Manistique, MI

                            AVATAR Image stolen from Model Train Stuff advertisement in my e-mail


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                              GEs in Minneapolis