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1930s State Guidebooks

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  • 1930s State Guidebooks

    Here is a wealth of information to help create authentic settings for transition era layouts all over the U.S.A. (except for Alaska and Hawaii that weren't states yet).

    These guidebooks were a Depression Era "Federal Writers' Project". I only glanced at a couple to get a quick idea of what they covered. It's a lot more than tourist attractions and amusements, some of the book are 500 pages! But the sections I looked at for specifics were a couple pages each.

    There's geology and botany of the state, resources, industries, products, transportation and more - All through a lens of that time period. That's pretty cool.

    The books can be read online for free at this link to Rowan University's Campbell Library

    There are other sources online as well, just search for WPA Federal Writers' Project State Guidebooks. Something to read while the glue is curing or the paint drying

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    Very cool Bill'.. Nice find. Thanks for posting'..