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    Good morning crew, readers (you are part of the crew), lurkers (social distancing I guess members of the crew), and guests. Following the # of visits to this topic vs the contributors, is very interesting, Check it out some time.

    The coffee urn is READY with Railbender blend this morning. The breakfast special is Breakfast Burritos with or without chorizo. Even got the oatmeal pot back on the stove.

    It raining off and on today, so that will keep me away and off the roof. I need a break from it as well.

    I've been digging into that coal company structure that Bernd brought up last year. Looks like it would be an interesting scratch build project.

    Well, I'm off to 'do some research' and indoors recess for today.

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    My SwitchWrights arrived yesterday, Installing switch machines is not easy to do in isolation! More HOn30 trackwork today, and taking the dogs for a walk. Today is the only nice day of the week, it rained Monday and yesterday, with more rain through Saturday.

    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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      Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is cloudy and 53 degrees with off and on rain throughout the day. More of the same tomorrow.

      Yesterday was beautiful, with high temps in the upper 60's. An outdoor day for sure.

      I did get a little time at the bench yesterday. Still painting LP. By the end of tomorrow, I should be back working on the Oil Derrick.

      Have a great day!



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        Good morning Jim, Dave and the rest of the RR-L Crew. 59f here this morning as the temp is dropping. Didn't get any of the big storm that was suppose to go through last night. But seeing it came out of the Northwest I expected cooler weather.

        Just tea and oatmeal this morning. We'll have our burritos for lunch, thank you! Had fajitas yesterday for lunch.

        Not a whole lot going on. Still working on trying to get my Ender 3 Pro FDM printer working correctly. I have a new hot end coming in and hope that solves the issue. I get it printing nicely for one item then the next screws up. Oh this is soooo much fun, NOT!

        Otherwise working on some new kit items for Steve down at Rail Scale. Ed Traxler is working with me on this stuff. Gives the two of us something else to pull our hair out over.

        Everyone have a FUN and SAFE day in the "stay at home" Train Yard.


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          Rain was hard all night and will continue off and on for another 24 hours. With the attendant grey skies will make for an ugly period :crazy:

          Quite a change from the 71 and clear, no wind day we had yesterday.

          We worked outside much of the day yesterday, I also went and had the oil change done on my truck, masked up like an old highwayman with a bandana mask, the one contact I had at the shop was also masked. I also had my grill tank filled before returning home. Paying for that was the first time I’d been inside a place of business in 6 weeks. All the masked made me thing I was at the hideout in an old “B” cowboy movie....looking at the prices on chainsaws, thought maybe I’d Stihl one....[:-cowboy]

          We trimmed a lot of stuff around the house and it seems that the elements damage to sheds, like Jim’s roof, as we found considerable damaged trim boards on the Doll’s once called ‘potting shed’ just shelter for way too much Stuff. No roof issues but much of the trim boards need replacing, They looked good for quite a few years but they’re just pressed sawdust and seem to be quite attractive to water and are coming apart. WE’ll have some work to do once we can get to the lumber yard.

          Just saw footage from the joint Thunderbirds/Blue Angels flyover yesterday in the New York, Jersey and Penn. area. Like here the weather was terrific and the sight was inspiring. [:-jump2]

          Everyone have a good day. Things on lockdown were nice while the weather was nice, not so much so in the wet and grey.

          BE SAFE, be healthy
          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

          Cedar Swamp
          SW of Manistique, MI

          Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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            Good morning Crew. The weather changed from beautiful on Monday to ok on Tuesday with mucho rain and currently drizzling right now. Very windy and will stay all day even after it dries up.

            The brother-in-law is back in the hospital. He went to the doctor yesterday morning to have a drain removed. On the way home he thought he was having a heart attack, instead his gall bladder will be coming out this afternoon. He has had a tough 2020.

            The doll house was about to be painted yesterday as I was waiting for a color map. Turns out the daughter said to leave it unpainted, so it is in the shipping container for pickup. My muscles are sore only because the horses are back, rode too long after being off them since before American Thanksgiving. I started work again on the Paper Mill. Touch up and re-gluing on the pipe racks and pipe bridges and the final finish to the ground cover around the Boiler Recovery building. I repaved the employee walk way and foremen parking areas. I have no luck with concrete colors and it continues on the PM walks and parking spaces, they may become seal coated. Enjoy a safe healthy day.



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              Originally posted by Dutchman

              Have a great day!

              Bruce, I see Michigan has relaxed social distancing and no masks needed. I have watched your you tube video on painting the LP a few times, you make it seem so easy.



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                Good morning, Jim and crew. Tidewater Virginia is sunny and supposed to hit 80° today, so it looks like I have more yard work to do.

                I've about finished detailing the bottom of one of my swayback boxcars. The project seems to be taking on a life of it's own, I now have two cars I'm working on.

                Bruce, you need to explain social distancing to your LP.

                Have a good day.

                With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                  Good morning Jim and crew thanks for breakfast I appreciated all the well wishes yesterday. The Tune up went great and I'm going to have the other hand fixed around the 18th of May. WV has lifted the ban on elective surgery. Can't wait to get it done. I can actually put a credit card in a slot without beat the h@lll out of the machine

                  the weather here is 72 and sunny but expecting showers we were suppose to get them yesterday but didn't that's all from Marietta Ohio

                  Stay safe and well



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                    Morning crew. I'm social distancing by having breakfast at home. Rainy morning here in Western NY. Supposed to be near 70 and windy. Have to take my 92 year old mother to the Doc this afternoon. She's not looking forward to that.

                    And speaking of rain. I got my second Scale Structures Limited Sterling Colorado Roundhouse from E-bay. Got an e-mail stating it had be delivered on Sat. No package on my door step. So Monday off to the Post Office. Explained my the problem. They got back to my Tuesday morning. It had been delivered to 2549 instead of 2594. So off to a drive by of my neighbors house. Yup, there it was, on his front door stoop. We had rain all day Sunday & Monday. All I could think of was how water logged it was going to be. When the mail carrier delivered it Tuesday afternoon I feared opening it. The post office mail box it was in was pretty soaked. When I got the kit box out it wasn't hardly wet. It bit damp like it had been drying out for a couple of days. Opening the box showed the cardboard walls wrapped in plastic. Other than a slight damp feeling they were fine. Got them in the basement drying. The wood parts weren't wet at all. Happy ending. Have determined that this 4 stall roundhouse with the one I purchased last week will make an ideal 8 stall HOn3 roundhouse.

                    So it's off to the bench and more block laying on my crusher building. Pictures soon.

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                      Our mailwoman puts our packages inside the backdoor, (the dog knows her) or if it's for some odd reason locked, it goes into a plastic bag and left at the backdoor. Nice living in the sticks.

                      Take the red pill


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                        Originally posted by George D

                        Bruce, you need to explain social distancing to your LP.

                        George, back when my LP lived in New Jersey, they were very compliant. Now that they are Michiganders, they have become little rebels.