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  • Tuesday morning lounge

    Good morning all from partially sunny N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Caboose Stove blend today. The special is a short stack and sausage patties. All other drinks now available at the end of the serving line, next to the hand sanitzer. The restroom is now back in service, with a camera to make sure you don't overdue it with the toilet paper.

    My scratchbuilt block & tackle worked flawlessly yesterday as I used it to haul the OSB panels up to the rooftop. I got them nailed down, and it started to rain, just in time for my nap.

    I should start the re-shingling later this morning. That's all on my agenda, what's on yours?

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning Jim thanks for breakfast 51 and cloudy here inSE Ohio rain in the forecast for the next few days. Headed to Morgantown Hospital to get my stimulator adjust since I came off my tremor meds they need to fine tune me. 11 a.m. appt. and a 2hr drive the day is pretty well shot.

    stay safe and well



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      Good morning Jim, Mark and the rest of the crew. It is 50 degrees and sunny here in S.E. Michigan. We had a beautiful day yesterday, rain over night, and more beautiful weather today. I love it when the rain occurs while we're sleeping.

      Mark, good luck with the tune up!

      I spent about 4 hours working in the yard yesterday. Not as strenuous as your roof project, Jim, but my muscles (or what is left of them) are letting me know that they are not happy.

      I'm not sure what today will bring, but I need to sharpen the blades on the mower and mount the mowing deck under the Kubota. I finally took the snow blower and chains off the tractor yesterday.

      Some LP painting this evening.

      Have a great day!


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        Sunny and clear in MI's Cellblock West. I have plans to go out and get achy later today, it's supposed to get near 60 today.

        It turned out that a 53 yr old woman was killed by a younger male relative at the house down the road. He was arrested Sunday evening by the PD ~20 miles away in Grand Ledge. Sad and shocking to have such tragic events so close here. The Doll is really upset about it.

        Bruce, my snow blower came off a couple weeks ago and my mower deck is in place. I'll probably use it today, the Doll went to use the zero turn and the battery was too low to start yesterday. Overnight on the charger will have it OK today, probably need to be replaced, tho, soon.

        Sausage patties and a short stack sound terrific, Jim. NO way I'll be doing roof work. NEVER liked ground ladders, on and off at the top is a stresser for me, always has been. I used to have a photo of me on the ridge of an old 2 1/2 story farm house with a saw cutting a hole to vent the fire keeping my tail warm...

        Mark I hope the fine tuning is working out well for you. All the best.

        Good day all, don't waste the sun! It does sound like rain coming again overnight tonight. Man does my attitude take a nose dive when it's dull and grey these days.
        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

        Cedar Swamp
        SW of Manistique, MI

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          Good morning Jim, Mark, Bruce and incoming Crew. Nice breakfast but am I the only one with fear of sitting down in the Lounge? South Central Wisconsin outside my windows is very bright. The TV weather person says is heavily foggy. It is 50 now heading to 66f degrees and the heavy rains return in the mid afternoon.

          “Safer at Home” is starting to be relaxed somewhat and it’s a small start, but it is a start. The doll house framing is complete, amazing when you have few distractions. It also helps that this is also doll house #4 so I am better organized. 1:12 scale is huge!

          I did the drone flying this morning checking some of the fence line. I am getting a lot better after a couple years of flying this thing, still an issue when I fly in heavy winds. We are basically checking how folks are getting past the fences and fishing in a couple of the ponds. We also are getting kids roaming the woods and a few have popped up on the trails when Terry and I are out walking. Enjoy your day and stay safe.



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            Good Morning from the eastern end of Lake Ontario:

            Thanks, Jim, for the pancakes and sausage patties. Delicious!

            Mark, good luck with your "tune-up"!

            Bruce, my front lawn is yearning from cleanup. Living in the city, our property is not as big as rural folks. Because of the COVID-19 rules, we can only drop off yard waste on our designated trash collection day. No big inconvenience, really. Just need to plan more.

            Karl, that is unsettling news, especially so close to your home.

            Tom, here in Ontario, the Premier has begun a plan to ease the Emergency Regulations over the next few weeks. Gradual is the way to go. We are not over this for a long time.

            On the plan today in our home: Two of three vehicles in the shop for tire changeover and wheel alignment. The other is on it's last legs. Our neighbour will have a look.

            Perhaps some time in the train room before our family fondue tonight.

            Have a great day everyone.

            Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive.



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              Michael, are you still doing runs as a Paramedic, if so that has to be scary in theses strange times?



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                Good morning, Jim and crew. Tidewater Virginia is in the 60's today. The grass needs cut, but with the rain we've had the past few days, it'll have to wait. Water tends to stand when you're only a few feet above the tide level.

                I started my morning at my dermatologist getting stitches removed. Then I stopped at Lowes for some seeds and knobs and handles for the kitchen. Everyone at Lowes was wearing masks and social distancing. I wiped my hands, car keys and everything else with Clorox wipes when I got back in my pickup and put everything in the storage room for a couple days and wiped and washed again. What a drill.

                TomO, real pilots have trouble in high winds at low level too.

                Have a good day.

                With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                  Originally posted by George D

                  TomO, real pilots have trouble in high winds at low level too.

                  Have a good day.


                  Thanks George. If they crashed as much as I do their airline would have been bankrupted.



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                    I am currently on medical leave, however, from reports I get from co-workers, call volumes are down in our area. And, folks are waiting sometimes too long for seeking help and subsequent transport to hospital for fear of contracting COVID-19 in the hospital ER. Which is not the case here in our area.

                    My wife, Megan, returns to the paramedic service tomorrow, after our hiatus of self-isolation since March 20th. So, I will get a first hand account of the situation from her tomorrow night.

                    I know that it is pretty much full PPE protection for the majority of the calls right now. One does not want to take chances. She is used to it as she worked through the SARS epidemic while we were living in Ottawa.

                    Interesting times we are living through right now. It will take time, but things will turn around.