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  • Sunday Morning "Grocery Pick-Up" Lounge

    Good morning from S.E. Michigan where it is currently 43 degrees.

    I'm up early to head over to Kroeger for a 7 a.m. curbside grocery pick-up. I reserved the slot a week ago. I'm gambling that an early morning slot will ensure the best selection on the shelves. We will see.

    Breakfast today is Taylor Ham with egg and cheese sandwiches on English Muffins. Coffee dispensed from that 'kicksey whimsey' machine.

    Off I go. Have a great day!

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    Good morning, Bruce and crew. Tidewater Virginia is going to see temperatures in the 70's today. It looks like yardwork is on the agenda again today.

    I watched a couple interesting clinics on the NMRA Facebook site yesterday. That was a great idea, which I'm sure took a lot of work to put on.

    Have a good day.

    With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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      Good morning Bruce, George, and the incoming crew. A quiet day on today's agenda. Maybe head back ot to the roof project and prep the rafters for the new sheathing I'll pickup and install tomorrow. The original plywood was imprinted with 1/2" on it. It was actuall 5/8" so a trip tomorrow morning to get a sheet of 5/8". Man, building material prices are right up there.

      Maybe some programming time a little later.

      Have a Super day!

      Take the red pill


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        Good morning Bruce, George, Jim and any inbound Crew. So. Central Wisconsin has a severely clear morning started and topping out this afternoon on the high 60’s. Thanks Bruce for the breakfast, stay safe at the curb. George I was very encouraged by the NMRA FB live event. Pretty damn good job for only organizing in 12 days. Jim, be careful on that shed and except for gas everything is getting expensive. Be safe and have a great day.

        Walt, when you get here make sure you read the Saturday lounge, one of the new guys is asking you a question.



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          Top of the Morning to you Bruce, George and Jim, TomO and incoming folks. I see you got up later this morning than Bruce, Jim.

          Well Rhode Island is seeing 48 degrees with rain for the next two days and shows every other day all next week. Bummer!

          I'm getting ready to start another bore for you guys, with another of my inspirational builds. So go easy on me here. Being locked up gives me more time in the basement.

          Everyone be safe and great day ahead of you. See you all on the RR-Line Forum.

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            Sun and slight warmerness this morning. Can't get started...might make sausage and pancakes with maple syrup in honor of the cancelled Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival. There was the typical +hi+ weather yesterday so it would have sucked for most anyway. Gloom rode yesterday....

            I did get my recalcitrant 3d printer to work fine. Literally went back to the drawing board, Fusion360, redrew the project, transferred it to the "slicer" then into the controlled and it all worked. Afterward we watched the Chris Kyle story, SNIPER, lots in the head when it was time to sleep...

            Well, off to...what ever falls at my feet or is put in my ear buds...

            Hope the Kroger trip went well, Bruce. Our "courier" service went well yesterday. It was nice to see the daughter from behind the glass.

            Great news, Lou's cookin' us another treat!

            Safe, distance, be healthy...
            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

            Cedar Swamp
            SW of Manistique, MI

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              Good morning all. Yesterday I heard Win Nowell had passed on the 24th. Into the 1990s, he operated Bay State Models, manufacturing O scale resin trolley car kits and operating a hobby shop in Groveland, MA.


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                It was sunny when I got up, but it's clouded over and we're getting rain today and possibly snow tomorrow in SE NH. I'm a bit farther north and inshore from James, so often we're on different sides of the snow line.

                Yesterday I soldered track feeders and rail joiners on the HOn30 line. Today I might wire in those feeders to the power bus. I've added a bit more trackwork on the yard side of the HOn30 line, so that means converting more Peco turnouts, and then ordering a couple more switch machines (Tam Valley SwitchWrights). Once my current order arrives (Monday), I can complete the one short passing track and might even try running the test loco (N scale Kato F3) on what I've completed. The other thing I got was an Arduino starter set, and I'm thinking about doing the electrical interlocking AND automating a ball signal for the standard gauge/narrow gauge crossing.

                Monday I'm the first speaker in our geology class 'symposium'. Since we can't go out and look at rocks together, the prof directed that everyone read a paper of interest and report on it. My paper uses LIDAR ('lasar radar") and fuses that data with other data to get much higher resolution models of outcrops and their strata. I picked that paper because it can make use of my computer/systems background.

                Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)