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    I was told my 1/20th scale coal tipple has the wrong size and shape bolts and nuts. They couldn't tell me the correct size and I can't remember what they were to start with. It had been sitting up for a few years after it was damaged and now that I have what seems like a lot of time on my hands I figured I would try and repair it. I want to make sure I get it right as I bought it finished before I damaged it.

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    Do you know which D&RGW structure it's a model of? Anything that still exists on the Durango & Silverton or Cumbres & Toltec has been photographed a million times. If it isn't a model of a real structure, the bolts and nuts are much less important.


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      There are many photos of the Chama coal tipple on line. If you look at and search for "chama coal tower" you will find many photos. One that stands out to me is https://markpaulson.files.wordpress....-2592x3888.jpg. It is a large very detailed photo.


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        If you could provide us with a picture of your tipple, we may be able to identify some orig. construction drawings which would include the N-B-W and any tie rod sizes. The picture would help us identify the correct tipple you have constructed.
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          So sorry for the very late response but I have been dealing with multiple medical issues and all has been complicated due to being hit from behind. I am trying to catch up but it is going slowly..


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            It is definitely the Chama tower...


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              The Florida Steamer said, "I was told my 1/20th scale coal tipple has the wrong size and shape bolts and nuts. They couldn't tell me the correct size."

              If it's a garden RR stand back 5 feet and who cares. If it's a modular layout like the Sundance Central tell them to stand back 5 feet. What's the big deal if you've got 2" or 2-1/2" bolts at 1/20.3 you're talking a cat's whisker in size difference.


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                If someone can't tell you the correct size of NBWs, or which tower it represents, then how would they know if what you used used is wrong?

                I wouldn't worry about it.

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                  This is why I have the sign you need posted in your train room.
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                  Click image for larger version

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                    Love it Louis. I'll have to make a print out and hang it up.

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